Super Bowl XLIV: Peyton Manning is Who We Should Have Thought He Was

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Before this week, I asked my friend three questions.

First I asked him, do the Colts have a better offense than the Saints?

He said, "no."

Technically he's right because the Saints had the No. 1 offense in the league while the Colts were No. 9.

I then asked him, do the Colts have a better defense than the Saints?

He said, "they're pretty even because the Saints defense creates a lot more turnovers even though they give up more yards than the Colts."

Technically he's right because although the Saints had the 25th ranked defense compared to the Colt's 18th, the Saints were ranked third in interceptions and fifth in fumbles recovered, while the Colts were 15th in interceptions and 25th in fumbles recovered.

I then asked him, Why are you choosing the Colts then?

He said two words, "Peyton Manning."

This way of thinking can work if for example we were choosing the Bulls in the 1990s because they had Michael Jordan.

However, since when has Peyton Manning been reliable in the playoffs.

Even the year he won the Super Bowl, the defense arguably carried the Colts to the Super Bowl more than Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning before this game had a mediocre record of 9-8 in the playoffs.

His numbers of 27 touchdowns and 17 interceptions appear much better than they really are considering nine of his touchdowns came in two first round games against the Broncos.

The other day I was looking at Manning's top ten Playoff moments on and it was sad to see that most of his moments were not really legendary in the slightest bit.

His top ten Playoff meltdowns on the other hand was actually a much better list.

This year for some reason people seemed to think that Manning's playoff choking was a thing of the past. Even though the Colts had no trouble with the Jets or the Ravens, they were both 9-7 in the regular season. Should we really have assumed based upon Manning's games against the Jets and Ravens that he was different this time around?

Although besides Peyton Manning's abilities there were other reasons to choose the Colts, everyone's main reasons still centered on Peyton Manning.

Other arguments centering on Peyton Manning were that the Colts didn't lose a game Manning fully played in all season. Manning and the Colts had been extremely clutch in close games all season and were no strangers to fourth quarter comebacks.

However the truth is that, "Peyton Manning," the main reason people chose the Colts to win should have actually been the reason not to choose the Colts.

People seem to forget who Peyton Manning really was. We live in a “what have you done for us lately world” and Manning up until the Super Bowl had been legendary.

In reality though, if we looked at Manning's past playoff performances, the Saint's great team, and the Colts schedule, we probably should have seen this coming.

I believe that the Saints were always the better team. What true contender had the Colts beat all season?

The argument for the best team the Colts beat was between the Patriots, Jets, Cardinals and Ravens.

Were any of these teams really elite teams?

The answer is an obvious no. If Nate Kaeding didn't have a meltdown, the Chargers would have likely been the first elite team the Colts played against all season. Just like they lost to an elite team in the Saints, they likely would have also lost to the Chargers.

Peyton Manning needed this Super Bowl victory to cement his legacy. At the age of 33 years old, time is running out for Peyton Manning. Although, He'll likely own every quarterback record by the time he's done playing the game, he can't even be considered the best quarterback in his own generation until he gets more than one Super Bowl.

I don't believe that Manning needs to tie Tom Brady in championships or surpass him because obviously Manning has been more important to the Colts than Tom Brady has been to the Patriots, especially when the Patriots had an elite defense.

However, Manning still needs one more Super Bowl to surpass Brady in my opinion and put him in the exclusive list with two time Super Bowl Champions Bart Starr, Bob Griese, Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach, Jim Plunkett, Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, John Elway, Tom Brady, and Ben Roethlisberger.

Although Manning hasn't had teams as good to win with that a guy like Tom Brady has, the truth is that Manning still had the teams to win with.

Regardless of what you want to say, if Manning played in the playoffs like he generally plays in the regular season, he would have more than one Super Bowl.

When people make arguments that Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest ever because of his statistics, I just laugh because he was 1-3 in game sevens in the NBA finals. Just like Chamberlain, Manning has the statistics. Ultimately though, they both should have more championships, and their playoff choking, despite how much they carried their teams, were the reasons they didn't win more titles.

Manning had the chance to put himself in the argument for not only the greatest quarterback ever, but greatest player ever, but instead, as it stand now, he isn't even the greatest quarterback of his own generation.

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I don't think people in New Oleans will miss you much....... may help the air down there....don't need no stinkers there with the smell of losers.

3/5/10   |     |   21 respect

Just proves my point. You have to use insults to prove a point . Manning still lost to a better team it happened get over it!!!

3/5/10   |   das3cr   |   288 respect

das3cr wrote:
I don't care if the Colt's lost.  They are still the better team.  New Orleans is officially off my vacation list for the next 5 years.  So there ya go. They won and lost all at the same time.

Trying your best to prove you are a simplistic little twit I see .. of wait, you accomplished that. Score !

2/11/10   |     |   21 respect

das3cr wrote:
I don't care if the Colt's lost.  They are still the better team.  New Orleans is officially off my vacation list for the next 5 years.  So there ya go. They won and lost all at the same time.

You make a fine Manning fan,just like Manning he did'nt even have respect from the team that beat him.... Just give the Colts a Trophy and end the NFL there is no better team in Football than the Colts so everyone lay down so Manning can win.Just quite footbal no use to playing cause Manning is the best......Dream on loser!!!!

2/11/10   |   das3cr   |   288 respect

I don't care if the Colt's lost.  They are still the better team.  New Orleans is officially off my vacation list for the next 5 years.  So there ya go. They won and lost all at the same time.

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The Colts where just out played by a better teem. The best won and there are no excuses. Good defense was the key to  the Saints big win over Manning and the lack luster colts. Out played and out classed where the Colts.

2/10/10   |     |   21 respect

Manning lost my respect with poor sportsmanship after the game. I think Manning got the big head and has not lived up to being a four time  MVP with only one superbowl it's crazy. There are other QB's that have better than Manning. I think he is over rated. Poor loser,bad for kids to see him act like a spoiled brat.

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"However, since when has Peyton Manning been reliable in the playoffs.

Even the year he won the Super Bowl, the defense arguably carried the Colts to the Super Bowl more than Peyton Manning".

all i had to do was read that and made me think............ hmmm you are right.

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So, are you going with QB rating as the end-all, be-all stat? By which measure Montana is only 7th-best, and Steve Young, Phillip Rivers and Tony Romo are the three best of all time, ahead of Manning? I was saying that in the upper echelon of quarterbacks, at the present moment I think Manning ranks close to Elway-- which means top 10 for sure, but definitely not the greatest of all time.

I concur.  I just want folks to understand that the MEDIA has Manning as the "Last All - Be All" QB there is because of his on-field abilities...I think he's good, but as many others on this list, he's GOOD...not great.  I'm not using this to bad-mouth him or you, but he's being placed on a pedestal too soon, and I think it will hurt him because if he doesn't live up to the media hype, he will crash and burn.  We see it in all great QBs...Jim Kelly, D McNabb, Cunningham, Tarkenton...all very good, but media-shredded.  So in this case, I agree with you...just felt it was needed to go looonnnnng!

2/9/10   |     |   378 respect

People need to get off the "badmouth Peyton" bandwagon, because you'd better believe some of these same people will be singing his praises very soon in the future.  The Saints made fools out of nearly all the elite QB's this season, and believe me: Brady, Warner, and Favre are going to be Hall of Famers.  It was just meant to be, and Peyton's time being "limited"? Six years, barring something truly tragic. Everybody who is badmouthing Manning now will join the "We love Dan Marino" choir, and he doesn't even have a ring! So, stop and think about this, folks. Manning will be a Hall of Famer, and will take his place among the best of all time, I mean, just look at this list above this post, do any of these fellows have the same numbers that Maning has? Not even close. Brees comes the closest, but you'll not see anyone who is that good all around.

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Just because you are a good passer doesn't always get you a championship...but it helps.
I just found this list, and honestly...Peyton is good, but he's not all that great, and to prove it, look who at his positioning on this list (I even have the site so you can all go look for yourselves:
PS... John Elway is NOT closer than Troy Aikman, Jason!!

NFL career passer rating leaders

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Quarterbacks in the National Football League are often compared using a number derived by using a formula called passer rating. The higher the number, the more proficient the quarterback is often considered. This rating ranges from 0 to 158.3. Traditionally, quarterbacks must throw at least 1,500 passes before their rating is listed among NFL career statistics.

Players in bold and green are currently active in the NFL. Red rows indicate members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Updated through the 2009 season. [1]

Rank Quarterback Passer Rating
1 Steve Young 96.8
2 Philip Rivers 95.8
3 Tony Romo 95.6
4 Peyton Manning 95.2
5 Kurt Warner 93.7
6 Tom Brady 93.3
7 Joe Montana 92.3
8 Drew Brees 91.9
9 Ben Roethlisberger 91.7
10 Chad Pennington 90.1
11 Carson Palmer 87.9
12 Daunte Culpepper 87.8
13 Jeff Garcia 87.5
14 Brett Favre 86.6
15 Donovan McNabb 86.5
16 Dan Marino 86.4
17 Trent Green 86.0
18 David Garrard 84.9
19 Rich Gannon 84.7
20 Marc Bulger 84.4
21 Jim Kelly 84.4
22 Mark Brunell 83.9
23 Jay Cutler 83.8
24 Roger Staubach 83.4
25 Matt Hasselbeck 83.3
26 Steve McNair 82.8
27 Brian Griese 82.7
28 Neil Lomax 82.7
29 Sonny Jurgensen 82.6
30 Len Dawson 82.6
31 Brad Johnson 82.5
32 Jason Campbell 82.3
33 Jake Delhomme 82.1
34 Ken Anderson 81.9
35 Bernie Kosar 81.8
36 Neil O'Donnell 81.8
37 Danny White 81.7
38 Troy Aikman 81.6
39 Dave Krieg 81.5
40 Randall Cunningham 81.5
41 Boomer Esiason 81.1
42 Warren Moon 80.9
43 Jeff Hostetler 80.5
44 Bart Starr 80.5
45 Ken O'Brien 80.4
46 Jeff George 80.4
47 Fran Tarkenton 80.4
48 Steve Beuerlein 80.3
49 Dan Fouts 80.2
50 John Elway 79.9
51 Tony Eason 79.7
52 Byron Leftwich 79.6
53 Elvis Grbac 79.6
54 Eli Manning 79.2
55 Chris Chandler 79.1
56 Mark Rypien 78.9
57 Jim Everett 78.6
58 Aaron Brooks 78.5
59 Phil Simms 78.5
60 Bert Jones 78.2
61 Johnny Unitas 78.2
62 Jim McMahon 78.2
63 Otto Graham 78.2
64 Jeff Blake 78.0
65 Bobby Hebert 78.0
66 Frank Ryan 77.6
67 Jim Harbaugh 77.6
68 Joe Theismann 77.4
69 Bob Griese 77.1
70 Jay Fiedler 77.1
71 Drew Bledsoe 77.1
72 Bill Kenney 77.0
73 Erik Kramer 76.6
74 Jon Kitna 76.6
75 Gary Danielson 76.6
76 Doug Flutie 76.3
77 Michael Vick 75.9
78 Stan Humphries 75.8
79 Wade Wilson 75.6
80 Steve Bartkowski 75.4
81 Ken Stabler 75.3
82 Scott Mitchell 75.3
83 Steve Bono 75.3
84 David Carr 75.2
85 Tim Couch 75.1
86 Norm Van Brocklin 75.1
87 Sid Luckman 75.0
88 Vinny Testaverde 75.0
89 Chris Miller 74.9
90 Don Meredith 74.8
91 Brian Sipe 74.8
92 Jake Plummer 74.6
93 Roman Gabriel 74.3
94 Gus Frerotte 74.2
95 Steve Deberg 74.2
96 Earl Morrall 74.1
97 Y.A. Tittle 73.6
98 Craig Morton 73.5
99 Kerry Collins 73.5
100 Rodney Peete 73.3
101 Don Majkowski 72.9
102 Daryle Lamonica 72.9
103 Greg Landry 72.9
104 Ron Jaworski 72.8
105 Tommy Kramer 72.8
106 Tony Banks 72.4
107 Bubby Brister 72.3
108 John Brodie 72.3
109 Milt Plum 72.2
110 Sammy Baugh 72.2
111 Bill Wade 72.2
112 Jay Schroeder 71.7
113 Billy Kilmer 71.5
114 Bill Munson 71.5
115 Lynn Dickey 70.9
116 Terry Bradshaw 70.9
117 Kordell Stewart 70.7
118 Bill Nelsen 70.2
119 Trent Dilfer 70.2
120 Vince Ferragamo 70.1
121 Steve Grogan 69.6
122 Doug Williams 69.4
123 Joey Harrington 69.4
124 Charley Johnson 69.2
125 Mike Tomczak 68.9
126 Eric Hipple 68.7
127 Joe Ferguson 68.4
128 Charlie Conerly 68.2
129 Dave Brown 67.9
130 Billy Joe Tolliver 67.7
131 Marc Wilson 67.7
132 Tom Flores 67.6
133 Richard Todd 67.6
134 Jim Plunkett 67.5
135 John Hadl 67.4
136 Jim Zorn 67.3
137 Archie Manning 67.1
138 Jim Hart 66.6
139 Norm Snead 65.5
140 Joe Namath 65.5
141 Rick Mirer 63.5
142 Bobby Layne 63.4
143 Jack Trudeau 63.3
144 Mike Livingston 63.3
145 Mike Pagel 63.3
146 Ed Brown 62.8
147 Mark Malone 61.9
148 Bob Waterfield 61.6
149 Eddie LeBaron 61.4
150 George Blanda 60.6
151 Babe Parilli 59.6
152 Dan Pastorini 59.1
153 Jack Kemp 57.3
154 Tobin Rote 56.8
155 Cotton Davidson 54.9
156 Mike Phipps 52.6
157 Frank Tripucka 52.2

Never had a LONG-azz comment before, but it was a "need-to-know" moment...