Super Bowl XLVII Pick: Baltimore vs. San Francisco

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With media day now behind us, it's time for the real game to take front and center. The Harbowl, or SuperBaugh will kick off at 3:30 PST, featuring the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. Most see the coaches and begin talking about how this is the first time brothers have coached against each other in the Super Bowl. But if that really mattered, then it wouldn't be the media buzz. 

Those who will be on the field is what takes center stage on Sunday afternoon while we sit comfortably on our couches sipping beer, eating hot dogs and hamburgers while snacking on chips and salsa.  The players make up the game and the players is what we will talk about. 

Ray Lewis has become somewhat of a distraction during this postseason, highlighted by the time he was put in at the end of the AFC Divisional game on the offensive side of the ball to do his special dance. i understand it's become Ray's farewell tour, but isn't it enough already? The Ravens are FAR more than just Ray Lewis. Ray Rice has led their potent running attack while rookie Bernard Pierce has gone steady as his backup. 

Blog Photo - Super Bowl XLVII Pick: Baltimore vs. San FranciscoJoe Flacco, after catching all that flack for putting himself in the elite category a year ago, is proving to the world that he truly does belong. He has thrown for 8 touchdowns and 0 interceptions through the Ravens’ three playoff games thus far with a quarterback rating well above 110. If the Ravens win this game, which I think they will, rest assured the media will blow up Lewis, but their offense has improved ten-fold over the last few seasons and have gone surprisingly unnoticed. 

The 49ers have been riding the Colin Kaepernick wave, which has been quite impressive as well. Their defense has gone through quarters where mentally they dont seem present, however, they are one of the most fearsome units in the NFL and will almost always be prepared for what opponents throw their way. 

Frank Gore has managed to remain productive and healthy all year after his season ended early last year with a leg injury.  The dominant run game, including Kaepernick, has allowed the 49ers to throw the ball with plenty of success by keeping the defense honest. DE Aldon Smith and MLB Patrick Willis who have led this unit to one of their strongest defensive seasons in some time lead the Niners defense. 

PICK: Baltimore 31, San Francisco 27
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