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Neutral this Sunday? The sound, just, petty and vindictive Super Bowl rooting guide

1/30/13 in NFL   |   GFortier   |   520 respect

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Don't have any personal stake in the Superbowl this year and unsure who to root for? Here's a list of reasons to consider rooting for either Baltimore or San Francisco, ranging from sound and just to petty and vindictive. 


1. Baltimore, home of The Wire. For many of you, this is more than enough reason to root for the team in purple, but let's spell it out-- life in the Charm City is pretty damn tough. Just look at season 4! Perhaps a championship would have turned it all around for those kids. If Bode and McNulty could bond over the Ravens, that's a team worth rooting for.

2. "Bulls--t". Ravens fans put together the loudest, most forceful "bulls--t" chant anybody has ever heard. It could reportedly be heard from miles away and will go down as one of the best highlights of the replacement ref era.

3. Throw 'em for a loop. In a year that the NFC was talked about as being so much stronger than the AFC, stick it to the pundits with a Baltimore victory.

4. That's enough, San Francisco. The Giants are the defending champions of the MLB, now let's spread the wealth a little bit. 

5. Put the muzzle on Moss. Randy Moss says he is the greatest receiver of all time? I'd love for that statement to be refuted with a forgettable Super Bowl performance and another trip to the big game without a ring.

NINERS 4 LIFE! (Or at least, for this Sunday)

1. Stick it to 'em. There are people out there who take offense to Kaepernick's tattoos. They will be further enraged when those tatted arms lift the Lombardi Trophy, and I will love every second of it. 

2. Alright already, Ray Lewis. Anybody else tired of Ray Lewis' trail of tears? Legendary career, but man oh man is he milking this retirement. It's enough to make me root against him.

3. Read-option takes the lead. The college-style read-option has already caught the attention of GMs and coordinators around the league. If you're a fan of change, a Super Bowl victory for Kaepernick in the read-option offense would solidify this trend. It would be very fun to watch the league evolves and adjusts over the next few seasons.

4.. Hate the Pats? It's always a bit of consolation when your team loses to the eventual champion. If the Ravens were to go down this Sunday, it would leave Tom Brady, Belichick and the Pats wondering how far away they really were from their goal of taking home the Lombardi Trophy. On a totally unrelated note, Tom Brady's new mansion has a moat.

5. Joe Flacco. Yesterday he called the idea of playing a cold weather Super Bowl "retarded." Lack of decorum aside, just ask yourself, do you really want to live in a world where Joe Flacco is a Super Bowl champion? 

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No but seriously, just plop down a bunch of cash on either of these teams, then you'll know who to root for. 

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1/31/13   |   JenX63   |   33291 respect

It's nice to see two teams that haven't been here in awhile playing for bragging rights. Go NFC!

1/30/13   |   Wards_Page   |   248 respect

I'd rather root for kidney stones than for Jim Harbaugh. Go Harm City! And this is for Ed Reed and not Ray Lewis.

1/30/13   |   Jess   |   35135 respect

The_Real_Stoney wrote:
there's not one redeeming quality for the Ravens

There's one HUGE one. They're not the 49ers.

1/30/13   |   The_Real_Stoney   |   25697 respect

there's not one redeeming quality for the Ravens

1/30/13   |   DallasFan55   |   38115 respect

Flacco did apologize for using the word retarded but anyway I want the Ravens to win because they're my home team and because I dislike Jim Harbaugh, I can't even understand how him and John could be related. Two total different personalities. GO RAVENS!

1/30/13   |   Jess   |   35135 respect

I might argue with your SF #4 - if you hate the Pats you'd probably want Baltimore to win. The Pats and their fans seem to despise everything about the Ravens.