'Super Bowl was rigged' theory making Internet rounds

There is already a 'Super Bowl was rigged' theory floating around the Internet

2/4/14 in NFL   |   JoeKukura   |   492 respect

Blog Photo - 'Super Bowl was rigged' theory making Internet roundsThat didn't take long! Despite a hapless performance by the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII and a reasonable cooling-off period for San Francisco 49ers fans, Internet conspiracy theorists are frothing on social media today that NFC Championship Game and the 2014 Super Bowl were rigged. According to a widely-shared YouTube video that's already near 200,000 views in less than 24 hours, the NFL playoffs this year were fixed. "The incentive to 'create' the best possible games is too great for the NFL to pass up," says the video, before citing so-called proof. "All of the players and the game being played are of course real, but the outcomes of certain games are 'steered' in the desired direction."

Umm, excuse me... if that's true, why couldn't the NFL "create" and "steer" us into a half-decent Super Bowl contest on Sunday?

There are actually two separate "NFL is rigged" conspiracy theories gaining inexplicable momentum on social media today. One is the Super Bowl XLVIII Believed to have been Rigged and Currently Under Investigation by NFL, an article published by a fake-news site called Huzlers.com and trending on Facebook. The other is the NFL RIGGED - 49ers defeat Seahawks / Refs Defeat 49ers, a 15-minute video arguing that the officials made calls favorable to the Seahwaks in the NFC Championship.

Blog Photo - 'Super Bowl was rigged' theory making Internet rounds The fake-news article does not sound fake, contains no jokes or punchlines, and claims that "Super Bowl referee Terry McAulay told reporters he sensed something strange when he overhead Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning allegedly asking Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll 'When are you going to pay up?'. The debunked article comes from Huzlers.com, a site trying to be like The Onion, but whom wouldn't know actual humor if it bit them on the rear end, stuck them in a clown car and sent them all-expenses-paid to a Bill Murray comedy retreat.

On the other hand, that The YouTube video of the NFC Championship game conspiracy theory actually claims to tell the honest truth. The video goes on for nearly 15 minutes to detail a litany of the game's close calls and make the case that the refs certainly had it out for the Seahawks to beat the 49ers .

People, I'm a Cleveland Browns fan. I could probably make a fifteen-minute video proving that the refs rigged every Browns loss of the last 15 years if I had enough time on my hands. Fifteen minutes of evidence does not make an argument true, particularly when half of that 15 minutes is onscreen text and iMovie clip transition edits.

The video is additionally riddled with theoretical assumptions and factual inaccuracies. Plus you can hear the guy's dog in the background throughout. I think we need to get back to more level and sane discussions in the wake of Seattle's championship victory.

You know, like the Investigate 9/11 Guy at the Super Bowl press conference.
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2/4/14   |   Jess   |   35116 respect

Of COURSE it was rigged! Seattle won, and everybody knows the Seahawks are out of line right now and need to be "put back into their place"...(I read that somewhere.)

2/4/14   |   Sharp Square   |   11959 respect

Pretty ridiculous and i am sort of a conspiracy theory nutt to an extent. One team played well and one crumbled it happens all the time in all sports wasn't first time won't be the last. Denver was tight from the jump and i think that opening play for the safety really rattled them and it got out of control quick and they couldn't get it back together. 

Add to fact that Seattle played very well and avoided turning the ball over or any crazy special teams plays that can be so critical in big games momentum wise. They seized the momentum early and never gave it up. 

Like or hate a team sometimes one must simply tip their hat and say "well played guys" !

**(as long as its not new eng or philly , f**k both of em)**