Sweet 16 Predictions - Oregon vs UNLV

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Count UNLV as the other team I badly misjudged this year. Turns out the RPI wasn't lying with that Top 12 ranking. I should know better. (btw I'm thinking Air Force might have been the most screwed out of the dance) Lon Kruger is a hell of a coach, and when any team wins 30 games they shouldn't be doubted. Can a 7-seed erase the Elite 8 chalk party? You're doubtful:

74% are picking the Ducks
(73% of experts)
Vegas says Oregon by 2.5 (same 74% of fans say they'll also cover)

Geek Stuff
- How has UNLV managed 30 wins? No turnovers, rank 4th with just 16% of possessions ending in the opponents hands.
- If there is a weakness, they allow too many offensive rebounds - 35%
- Ducks shoot a lot of 3's and shoot them well. Throw up a long ball 42% of the time, hit on 39%.
- Ducks the 8th most efficient offensive team

Rooting Interest This is a tough one. I'd like to see an upset, but I'm a closet Ducks fan. Just about went to school there having lived in Portland for a few years growing up. Added factor ... don't we need a team who's  colors aren't red or blue into the Elite 8?

What to Watch
5'6 of the three-point shooting splendor. Tajuan Porter Fan Club is open for new members, Todd convinced me to join early on and I was happy I did.

My Pick Oregon will eventually start missing some shots, but it won't be tonight.

Who's your pick?

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