T20 VS Tests, Where is the cricketing world headed to. Cricketing Fun at its best!!!!

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Cricket reaping the big bucks which consumes less overs more entertertainment and towering sixes over the ropes into the stands is catching the eye of every youngster from every walk of life.  Well this is the reality of T20 limited over version of cricketing which is gaining the momentum.

Does this mean that the cricket loving nations and players are getting into the rythm of the securing a place to play this format of game and become overnight stars.  But the reality is that though these players are getting to the stardom are they loosing the netigrity details of the test cricket which till date is believed as the real cricket.

Lets see what the cricket legends have to say on this....

Great Wall Rahul says  “This new tournament will get different kinds of people to the stadium. They may be attracted to the glamour side of things, but they will still be watching a game of cricket. Once they’re hooked, they can always be converted. Test cricket will grow, rather than get diminished, if Twenty20 becomes popular.”

Sourav Ganguly mentions “As far as I am concerned, Test cricket is the most important form of the game, and it will always remain that way. One-day cricket and Twenty20 also have a place but not at the expense of Tests.”

John Buchanan said all the International Cricket Council needed to protect Tests was supervise the growth of Twenty20 carefully. “It’s an exciting format. But the people who run the game need to handle the issue well. If that is done, there will be no danger to Test cricket.”

Well here is what the cricketing fans say.  Rain or Shine we love cricket and love to watch all formats of the cricket.  Having said that despite of all the versions of cricket Tests would stay to test the real cricketing prowess of a cricketer.

Bottomline cricketing fans would love to see all versions of the cricket !!!!!!

Legends of Cricketing world Kumble, Tendulkar at a Test Match Played against Pakistan in 2007.

T20 World Cup champions

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3/25/09   |   hi_jas143

T20 and Tests are all together different formats of game. T20 is basically for those guys who are looking for entertainment for few hours and get back to work while Test lies for Cricket Lovers. The mindset needed for the both formats also differ. T20 is shorter version of game, so the mindset is like keep on HITTING while the patience, skill and talent of players is tested on large scale. You don't require technique for T20 matches but for Test it is mandatory.