TBNL Episode 7 - June 30, 2008

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If you thought this show was over the top before, just wait till you hear this week’s episode! Will takes his shot at being like Shaq in the intro and makes his first attempt at rapping during the intro, which sets the bar high for an unbelievable episode. The Top 5 stories feature a TBNL first: a poker story, and a team that managed to throw a no-hitter and LOSE. The dumbass of the week actually is not a unanimous vote between the three of us this week, because we have got another really good set of nominees, including a commentator who had to explain who she was during her apology for what she did. We take a brief look back at the NBA draft, and then finish up the two minute drill with a Cubs/White Sox fight, Yao Ming’s bed, and some actual good feelings created by ESPN. Enjoy!

Download it here: (right click the link, then click “save as) TBNL #7: June 30, 2008
Running Time: 1 hour, 4 minutes

Intro: Parody of Shaq’s Kobe rap/TMZ/Shaq’s response after it hit the news

Will: TZM Reporter, Shaq Charlotte: TZM Reporter

The original lyrics to Shaq’s rap

Top 5 Stories of the Week

#1 Angels no-hit Dodgers and LOSE

#2 The worst team to EVER win a National Championship: The Fresno State Bulldogs

#3 Terry Bradshaw admits to steroid use… The 70s were crazy, man!

#4 Retired New York Giant, Michael Strahan (and his gap) join the Fox NFL Pregame Show

More Strahan: Makes cameo appearance on NBC’s Chuck Already running his mouth about the Giants

#5 Scotty Nguyen wins $50,000 HORSE tournament, Chip Reese Trophy at 2008 World Series of Poker

Re-visit Last Week’s Dumbass of the week

Winner: Shaquille O’Neal: 100% of the vote

-Shaq loses his special deputy badge over Kobe bashing rap song

-Woman arrested with Marcus Vick is the same woman that sued Dolphin RB Ronnie Brown

Nominations for Dumbass of the Week

Houston Astros P Shawn Chacon - Suspended for grabbing GM Ed Wade by the neck and throwing him to the ground (Eventually they decided to release him)

Denver Broncos WR Brandon Marshall - Apparently just can’t stay off the police blotter

New York Mets P Johan Santana - Told the media “I can’t do everything” after losing another close game

ESPN Broadcaster Bonnie Bernstein - Made a reference to Palestinians and suicide bombing while talking about the NBA?

Boston Red Sox OF Manny Ramirez - Manny Ramirez wants his tickets and he wants them NOW!

Manny Ramirez

Is it two tickets Manny? Or 16?

NBA Draft

-Bulls select Derrick Rose as #1 pick, Miami has best draft with Beasley, Chalmers

Fantasy Minute

Hot players: White Sox SP Mark Buerhle

Cold players: Phillies SP Brett Myers

Two Minute Drill:

-Charlotte: Cubs and White Sox fans work together to beat the living daylights out of an annoying fan

-Will: Beijing Olympic organizers plan on selling the furniture when it’s over…I want Yao’s bed!

-Bryan: ESPN does well, creates some actual good feelings with “My Wish”

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Hi Rox,

Thanx 4 the invite. Great suggestion. My DVR has plenty of space for even the episodes coming up. Keep in touch.  KOKO

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will check it...thanks!

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