TBS MLB Postseason Ad Features David Wright Of The Mets. Oops.
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TBS Sticks It To New York

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Occasionally, when you have to get an ad up promoting the playoffs of a sport before the end of the season, you have to take a guess as to who in fact is going to make it.

TBS seems to do this every year.....and fail miserably.

At right is the giant current TBS postseason sign hanging on 7th Avenue in downtown New York. You may notice it features David Wright of the two time defending champions of late season implosions - the New York Mets. Awkward.

But what makes the poster even better is that while it has the embarrassing image of Wright up there, it also features Josh Beckett of the obviously much hated Boston Red Sox.

I'm not sure what else TBS could have done to mock New York, other than maybe having a giant sign up that said "The Big Apple Sucks."

And, as I mentioned, this isn't the first time TBS botched up these postseason posters. Last year they featured the Braves on one of these signs that they put up in late August.

The Braves, of course, were no where close to getting into the postseason.

Anyway, keep up the great work TBS. Maybe next year you can show the Pirates some love on your postseason ads.

TBS ads to Mets misery [NY Post]
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10/4/08   |   burnjimmy

wow! the jealousy of an angry new yorker... i love it.  lets not even get started on espn hatin on the braves for the past 15 years and how david wright wins the gold glove over chipper.  SO HOW DO YOU WIN THE GOLD GLOVE WITH MORE THAN DOUBLE ERRORS??.  you fuccin mutt jewtalians make me sick, tell me why do you keep moving down here?  and why oh why are all of your females ugly as shlt?  i will send you a check for 500.00 if you can send me two pictures of any feminine looking girls at shea stadium.  just look at it this way, in the past 16 years of braves baseball we haven't had two back to back complete shutdowns like the muts have had, your welcome for takin the last 2 of 3.  delgado called you out, no one likes mets fans (even your own players) and mets fans don't like anyone.  sick, f'n sick...