TE Rob Gronkowski continues to win the hearts of Patriots

Porn star Bibi Jones in the past, Rob Gronkowski wins the hearts of Patriots fans

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Tight end Rob Gronkowski is working hard to win back his trust and fame with the New England Patriots after his unfortunate photo shoot with a porn star and apparently he seems to be winning in that cause. Gronkowski has been in spectacular form of late, especially in the Patriots last game.


The Patriots defeated their division rivals, the New York Jets 37-16 in their last game at the MetLife Stadium on Sunday. Quarterback Tom Brady was of course in usual sublime form but it was Gronkowski who managed to share the spotlight from him by recording a career best of receiving yards. At the end of the night Gronkowski held on to eight passes for 113 yards. Gronkowski also recorded two touchdowns.


However, there was another factor to Gronkowski’s superb performance and that is the way he dominated on the field. Gronkowski is extremely acrobatic for his huge frame. He often surprises his opponents by running at astounding speeds and catching difficult passes.


Patriots coach Belichick stated that it as a skill Gronkowski had developed over time.

Belichick said, “I think at Arizona, they didn't throw the ball as much as we do but they threw the ball, they split him out, they used him – they threw in some routes that I would say were more receiver type routes as opposed to tight end type routes. I think you can definitely see his skills in the passing game when he was in college – his sophomore year, he didn't play his junior year.


Belichick added, “So you certainly saw the talent there in terms of the workout, just watching him run around and catch the ball. He makes catches out on the practice field that are good catches. He's long, he has good hands and he can extend and catch the ball. He's got a big radius – there are a lot of places that you can throw the ball that he can get to. There's usually some place that a quarterback can throw the ball away from the defender that Rob can reach and the defender can't.”


Praising the chemistry Brady and Gronkowski had developed Belichick stated, “Tom [Brady] has done a good job of that, Rob has done a good job of anticipating those throws, like the touchdown against the Giants last week where the defender [Jacquian] Williams was inside, Tom put the ball on the backside of him and Rob was able to extend out there and get it.  Those guys have developed a good chemistry – worked a lot after practice on their timing against our defensive backs and linebackers. I'd say Rob and Aaron [Hernandez] both, we expected both of them to be able to catch the ball and perform in the passing game and they've done that.”

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11/17/11   |   kobe_lova   |   62313 respect

I don't remember anyone having a problem with his pics with her... hmmm....

11/17/11   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

 I think Bibi Jones has to do with this insofar as Gronkowski took flak for his alleged escapades with her, and all he has done since is play incredibly well. 

As to your second question about the pics--your guess is as good as mine. I guess there is some sort of stigma surrounding porn stars that people tend to be thrown for a loop when seemingly mainstream individuals are intermingling with them (see Woods, Tiger).

Just my two cents...  

11/17/11   |   beerstudk   |   1538 respect

What does BiBi Jones have to do with this?  And what was the big deal with those pics anyways?