TMZ claims there is a Trent Richardson sex tape

TMZ claims there is a Trent Richardson orgy tape, infers T-Rich is well-endowed

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Blog Photo - TMZ claims there is a Trent Richardson sex tapeAny of you who think Indianapolis Colts running back Trent Richardson is having trouble finding the hole this season, you might be proven wrong soon. According to the sleazy gossip site TMZ, someone's got a Trent Richardson sex tape that's being shopped around to the highest bidder. And it's no ordinary sex tape either, as TMZ claims the amateur video depicts Richardson "with at least 3 women".

Apropos of nothing, why do we still call them "sex tapes"? No one watches these things on a VHS anymore. We should them "sex MP4s" or "sex AVIs" "sex Flashes", shouldn't we? "Sex Flashes" is a great name!

That said, TMZ is running a bombshell report today under the headline Trent Richardson Orgy Sex Tape Being Shopped. TMZ claims to have seen the tape. "The person who has the footage has already contacted various media outlets, including TMZ Sports", the site claims, "but so far, no takers."

That is TMZ's way of saying that were unwilling to pay the asking price, but they still wanted to claim the tape's existence so they get some pageviews out of this story.

Blog Photo - TMZ claims there is a Trent Richardson sex tape"We've seen the footage," TMZ says. "Let's just say Trent's got a lot in common with the Colts mascot, if you catch our drift."

You see the Colts mascot Blue pictured there at right. Not exactly the most flattering comparison, TMZ.

Most interestingly, TMZ asserts that we're talking orgy footage here. They refer to the video as "explicit footage showing the former 1st round NFL Draft pick engaged in an orgy with at least 3 women."

As Christmas Ape hilariously notes over at Kissing Suzy Kolber, "Looks like someone is forever committed to splitting carries. Orgy by committee!"

Richardson's agent has refused to comment on the story. Richardson began the season with the Cleveland Browns, but was traded to Indianapolis. People like me wondered what the Browns were thinking. Perhaps the potential for scandal motivated the trade.

If you still need more good laughs on this topic, check out the hashtag #TrentPornNames on Twitter.
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