TNT's Craig Sager hes been diagnosed with leukemia

Craig Sager has been diagnosed with leukemia, sidelined from NBA playoffs

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Blog Photo - TNT's Craig Sager hes been diagnosed with leukemiaThe worst loss of the 2014 NBA playoffs has already occurred. Craig Sager, the NBA sideline reporter whose outlandish wardrobe and affable demeanor conceal a ferocious work ethic, has been diagnosed with acute leukemia. Sager, who is 62, begins chemotherapy treatments today and will miss the duration of the NBA playoffs.

Sager's son Craig Jr. broke the sad news with a Thursday night tweet. "My Dad's 3-4-week acute leukemia treatment starts tmrw," Craig Jr. tweeted. "Be thinking of him & let's get him back on the sidelines soon."

Sager came to prominence way back in 1972, while covering the Atlanta Braves on the club's Sarasota affiliate when Hank Aaron was on the verge of breaking baseball's home run record. Sager waited by third base every time Aaron went to the plate, in hopes of scoring the first interview after Aaron broke the record. Sager started the interview before Aaron had even reached home plate, and recalls the incident in the Yahoo video below.

Sager actually slept in a horse stall while covering the 1977 Belmont Stakes, as he could not afford a hotel. Apparently Sager was good luck, though. The horse he bunked with, Seattle Slew, won the Triple Crown the following day.

Blog Photo - TNT's Craig Sager hes been diagnosed with leukemiaCraig Sager still looks the same as he looked when he was 22 years old! Except for, of course, those jackets...

Sager has worn intentionally ridiculous sport coats since high school. "For our senior picture, they said, 'black or navy blazer'," Sager told Esquire in a 2012 interview. "And I thought, Why do I want to look like everybody else? I was a big fan of The Monkees, and I had this electric blue nehru jacket, like one Micky would wear. So I wore that and showed up and they said, 'We told you: a blue or black sportcoat.' I argued that it was actually blue, created a little controversy. But, now, you look at the yearbook and everyone looks exactly the same. Except for me."

ESPN2's Keith Olbermann, who is quickly becoming the go-to guy for incredibly moving elegies, delivered this incredibly moving elegy to Sager. This elegy is Not Safe For Work -- because you will probably start bawling your eyes out if you watch this powerful tribute.

Our thoughts, prayers and well-wished go out to Craig Sager, his wife Stacy and his five children.
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