Taj Gibson Reinjures Knee With Early Return

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Blog Photo - Taj Gibson Reinjures Knee With Early Return
Backup power forward, Taj Gibson, reinjured his left knee Tuesday evening after returning to the court earlier than he probably should have.  Gibson sprained his MCL in February and was sidelined for a month before returning Tuesday evening against the Wizards.  However, in an effort to help his team win, they not only lost the game, but they may have lost Gibson for the remainder of the regular season. 
"That's what happens when you rush back and try to help your team win," Gibson said.  “I've still got an MRI [Wednesday] but hopefully it's not as worse as before. But it was real painful ... it's similar. But it's all about how it's going to feel [Wednesday]. I hope there's no swelling. But that's what they said, the same injury, the same MCL sprain, but we don't know the [degree] just yet."
Of course, Gibson reinjuring his knee has to be alarming for Derrick Rose, who is recovering from a knee injury himself.  Apparently, none of the Chicago Bulls doctors gave Gibson prohibited from playing, which means that just because a player is medically cleared to play, it doesn't mean he is ready.  And the sensible Rose would be wise to remember that heroic attempts to help his team this year, may hurt his team in the long run if he return too early.
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