Taking One For The Team

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Lap 379. There is a call over Denny Hamlins radio that he thinks he has a flat tire. Oh no after leading all of these laps how could this be happening? Please not me! I have totally dominated this race. I have had perfect pit stops. I have done nothing wrong. Then when he least expected it. The racing gods poured down there wrath on Denny. And why him? After all he had done nothing wrong to this point. Could it be that maybe, just maybe these same god's could see into the future. Even if just for a few laps.

Who could ever forget the late Dale Earnhardt spinning in the grass to bring out a caution just to keep from going a lap down? Im sure he isnt the only driver who has done that. It seems that this season is more about team racing then in the years past. We seen it at Daytona when Kurt gave Ryan that last push to get him to victory lane. While all of that was going on. Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Jr who usually work well together. Were nowhere to be found at the end of the race.

Instead Tony left Jr to hook up with his teammate Kyle Busch. And as we all know. Tony and Kyle ended up 3rd and 4th while Jr had to settle for a 9th place finish. Just last weekend at Dega again we seen those Toyota boys hook up for a 1-3 finish with Juan Montoya sandwiched between them.

Which brings me to this one big question about saturday night's race? Why didnt Denny pit on lap 383 after he had already lost the lead to Jr? He had already said that he had a flat tire. He had to have known that the tire was gonna blow. So why risk an accident when he could have come in and changed it? Hmmmmm! Maybe it was because an HMS driver was not only leading a race. But also was about to win it. Not just any driver. But Dale Earnhardt Jr. Now how many can actually say that some of the drivers are happy with all the  publicity that Jr gets while not winning? Im sure it has taken its toll on some of the drivers.

Especially when week after week you hear the same story. When is Jr gonna win? Or the classic. What is up with HMS? Especially when Toyota who has already won a few races dispite all of the negativity when the season first began. Denny brought that last caution out when his ooops. Tire went down. Which in turn bunched up the field and gave Kyle a chance to keep that dreaded losing streak intact. Did Denny take one for the team? It sure did look obvious when you think about it? So who is really to blame for the wreck betwwen Jr and Kyle? You can't blame Kyle. Because after all racing is rubbing. He did what any other driver would have done with 12 laps to go. Put someone else in those 2 cars and guaranteed there would nt be this much controversy.

Did maybe Jr try to push the issue knowing that whatever the outcome. Kyle would get the *%#T end of the stick? Jr could have easily given Kyle a little more room. After all he was on the high line. Im not putting the blame on JR. But sometimes you have to look at what happened from a neutral point of view. In other words put all of your feelings aside and realize that Nascar has had many incidents as this one. This wont be the first one, and it wont be the last. But it just happened to involve of all drivers. Kyle and Jr. You cant hate Kyle for racing him hard. Just like you can't blame Jr for doing the same. Im sure that the Kyle fans feel as though Jr was to blame, just the same way the Jr fans feel that it was Kyle's fault. The fireworks flew and it seems as though we have 2 drivers who just raced there hearts for the win. And we all know that one will win and one will lose.

But in this case it was Clint who walked away the winner. Congrats to RCR and Clint Bowyer on there win. It may have been a lucky one. But sometimes its better to be lucky then good. Opps I almost forgot about Denny. Good job Denny. I hope that you are happy for that call to stay out when you knew d a m n good and well that the tire was gonna blow.  Is that the way you take one for the team? Maybe Jr is blaming the wrong person. Im Out


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5/5/08   |   JULES88

This is good and I agree that Denny took one for the team. Nascar knew it also and thats why they parked him for 2 laps. I am heartbroken Jr was so close but he is doing great this year and that matters more to me than a win.