Tamba Hali is back on field for Kansas City Chiefs game this Sunday

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A week suspension served as enough of a reminder for Kansas City Chiefs’ linebacker Tamba Hali that the NFL takes violations of the league’s substance-abuse policy very seriously. Tamba Hali was forced to sit out Sunday’s season opener and watched the game on Television. "
Being away, having to watch our team, wasn't something I liked," observed Tamba Hali.
But the relief of being on-field again was obvious on his face and evident in his tone as Tamba Hali profusely apologize for his violation, but did not discuss the cause to which led to his suspension.
 "I've got to be careful of what I say," Tamba Hali stated later. "I can't elaborate on anything. I'm just very sorry for what went on."
While Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson was eager to have Tamba Hali back and readily accepted his apology, he declared the team’s complete support for the player laying down that the team will “stick by Tamba all the way.”
“He's one of our brothers, our family members, and we know he's all-in with us," said Derrick Johnson. "Tamba is our best player on defense. He's going to get to the quarterback.”
Tamba Hali’s return was warmly welcomed by the Kansas City Cheifs who had restricted movement in the secondary with Matt Ryan posing as the strongest opposing force at Sunday’s 40-24 to the Atlanta Falcons. Matt Ryan had 299 yards and scored touchdowns upon three passes.
The Kansas City Chiefs had little to no production in terms if pass rush and Justin Houston managed to take the team’s only sack in the game.
"I'm sure these guys are desperate. They want to win… (So)Coming into this game, yeah, it'll be a lot more emotional,” stated “Tamba Hali. “And then we'll have to settle down and play a little more poised."
While Tamba Hali’s strong presence in the secondary provides the Kansas City Chiefs with emotional stability, it also opens up such play options that allow the other players to fit in their own roles without any outside worries.
Two seasons ago, Tamba Hali proved to the Kansas City Chiefs why he deserves a well-paid long-term extension by producing 14 ½ sacks. Tamba Hali was considered an priority for the functioning of the secondary and hence signed to a five-year contract worth $60 million with 435 million guaranteed, right before the training camp last year. With a long-term future guaranteed with the team, Tamba Hali had 12 sacks and made his first Pro Bowl appearance last year.
"The way he approaches the game and the way he plays, down-in and down-out,” stated Kansas City Cheifs coach Romeo Crennel, “that impacts the guys around him, because I think they want to play up to the level he plays,"
“If we can get guys up to the level he plays, then you've lifted the team,” added Romeo Crennel.
Tamba Hali, who was previously drafted in the first-round, has produced260 tackles and 53½ sacks along with 22 forced fumbles during his six-year NFL career.
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