Nebraska Football: Martinez Still Thinks Georgia Defense Is Overrated

Martinez on Georgia: "We Pretty Much Did Anything We Wanted Against Them"

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Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez was not impressed with Georgia’s defensive performance despite a Cornhusker loss in the Capital One Bowl, reports Steven Sipple of the Lincoln Journal Star.Blog Photo - Taylor Martinez: "We Pretty Much Did Anything We Wanted Against (Georgia)"

The Huskers were able to put up 31 points off 443 yards, but failed to score more than seven points in the second half and were shut out in the fourth quarter.

"I think the Big Ten, talent-wise, is a lot better, and the defenses in the Big Ten are better than SEC defenses," he said. "This was supposed to be one of the top defenses in the SEC, and we pretty much did anything we wanted against them."

Yeah, well… yeah.

I’ll give Martinez some credit for his comment: Nebraska did basically do whatever it wanted to do with Georgia – in the first half. But after Ameer Abdullah’s momentum-draining fumble in the third quarter, the Huskers weren’t able to much of anything offensively.

As for Martinez using the Bulldogs’ defense as an example for all SEC defenses, he needs to study up a little more. Georgia ranked 6th in the SEC behind Vanderbilt in total defense and would have finished 4th if it were in the Big Ten (behind Nebraska, go figure).

Also, it’s not like Martinez had a field day out there to which he could back up this statement. He was 16-of-27 (59.3 percent) with a mere 204 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. He was also limited to 46 yards on the ground off 20 carries and was sacked four times.

You don’t hear Aaron Murray – who tore into Nebraska’s secondary with 427 yards and five touchdowns strikes – ripping Martinez or any part of the Huskers’ defense.

And he has the credibility to do so.

It’s nice that Martinez still respects the Big Ten more than he does the SEC – and in some regards, maybe he’s right – but I think there’s a fine line of trash talking after you just got your tail whipped on national television.

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1/4/13   |   huskerdoug2009   |   2796 respect

I will be the 1st Husker fan to say that Georgia beat the Huskers defense up.  Our secondary looked like high school kids trying to cover NFL receivers.  Where as Taylor Martinez may not have had his best day either,  he had the Huskers neck and neck with an "Almighty SEC" team midway thru the 3rd quarter.  Part of his frustration when he made these comments might have been the fact that he and Georgia d-back Shawn Williams seemed to be having an on going debate all day.   All that supposed NFL talent on D and Georgia got "manhandled" by Bama for 350 yards rushing/512 overall.  Against Nebraska they gave up 239 rushing and 443 overall.  That means in final 2 games this "soft" group gave up 589 yards rushing/955 overrall.  Maybe Martinez should be quiet, however Georgia's D should thank their offense for the victory on New Year's Day.

1/3/13   |   MortonsLaw   |   156 respect

I think Martinez may be losing his mind in his older age. I mean, hasn't he been at Nebraska for 8 years? It seems that way. You mentioned that Murray threw for 427 yards, but coming into that game Nebraska was only allowing something like 150 yards per game through the air. I believe that was best in the FBS. If anyone can take a shot at a defense it would be Georgia.