Tayshaun Prince Won't Let Mike Krzyzewski Wear His Olympic Gold Medal
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That Kentucky/Duke Hatred Sure Runs Deep

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Ok, we lied. One more Olympic basketball post.

This year's Redeem Team had an interesting dynamic to it, in that the head coach of the team, Mike Krzyzewski, had never been a pro basketball coach on any level, which was admittedly somewhat odd. Even though Krzyzewski is an incredibly respected college coach, I had my doubts about whether he'd be able to pull all those overinflated egos together to get the job done.

After all, a number of college coaches have made the jump to coaching pros and failed miserably. And Krzyzewski was leaving himself open for even more scorn by leading a team that was told to win gold in Beijing or else.

But he did it. He got everyone to buy into his system.

Well, almost.

In this rather hilarious picture taken shortly after the medal ceremony, you'll notice that every player has given Coach K his medal...except for Tayshaun Prince, who of course went to Kentucky. It should also be noted that Tayshaun is the player furthest away from Coach K and I assume he was shouting "Duke sucks!" as the picture was being taken.

That Kentucky/Duke rivalry runs deep, my friends. Nice work, Tayshaun.

Tayshaun went to Kentucky [Kentucky Sports Radio]
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