Teams that could jumpstart QB Mark Sanchezís career

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After a tumultuous start this season, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez finally hit rock bottom when he was officially benched in favor of former seventh-round pick Greg McElroy.
Mark Sanchez’s last game against the Tennessee Titans truly captivated his struggles this season. The former New York Jets No.1 quarterback Mark Sanchez completed just 13-of-28 passes and threw four interceptions for a 14-10 loss, ending the New York Jets’ playoffs hopes. Subsequently, Greg McElroy was slated to start against the San Diego Chargers this Sunday.
Now, Mark Sanchez might as well at the end of his career with New York after this season.
According to reports earlier this week, the New York Jets will shop Mark Sanchez this offseason. The 26-year-old is owned $8.25 million in guaranteed money next season, but assuming there is a trade market for Mark Sanchez, the New York Jets could be looking to split sum.
This goes to show just how quickly and far the former 5th overall pick Mark Sanchez has spiraled from being the starting quarterback.
However, the fresh start could also provide Mark Sanchez with an opportunity to jumpstart a sinking career. In that case, here are three potential NFL teams that could set Mark Sanchez on this course.
Kansas City Chiefs
If the Kansas City Chiefs decide against investing a high pick on a versatile quarterback (that are but a few in the projected 2013 Draft), Mark Sanchez could serve as an option for a franchise that hasn’t seen good performance at the position in a long time.
Though Mark Sanchez has played no better than the Kansas City Chiefs, there’s plenty of blame to toss around in New York. Besides the Kansas City Chiefs boast a stronger offensive line and better weapons to hone Mark Sanchez’s talents and provide him an opportunity to bounce back from a disappointing 2012 season.
After all, on the helm of a strong offensive line and running game, Mark Sanchez has led the New York Jets to a couple of Divisional Championship Finals in their previous playoffs runs. Who’s to say the Kansas City Chiefs can’t replicate that success with a little improvement to the defense.
Green Bay Packers
While undoubtedly playing in the shadow of  starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Mark Sanchez may get opportunity here to work on improvements to his game with quarterback guru Mike McCarthy, in a low-pressure situation. With a year or two under the Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy and offensive coordinator Tom Clements, Mark Sanchez will be all parts oiled to jumpstart a starting career with any NFL team.
However, such a trade will require the New York Jets to take on all of Mark Sanchez’s guaranteed money through 2013.
Arizona Cardinals
Although the Arizona Cardinals wouldn’t have much interest in trading for Mark Sanchez, after sending him to the bench in a 7-6 loss during Week 13, the veteran quarterback could benefit from the change.
The Arizona Cardinals boast a young, talented attacking defense and an elite weapon on the perimeter will add another dimension to Mark Sanchez’s game. Besides between Kevin Kolb, John Skelton and Ryan Lindley, the Arizona Cardinals are still struggling to find consistency at starting quarterback.
The change could suit Mark Sanchez and his career.
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