Teams that should be interest in Alex Smith during free agency

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Losing starting quarterback Alex Smith in Week 4 never was a big issue for the San Francisco 49ers, who seemed equally happy with his replacement Colin Kaepernick. In fact, the San Francisco 49ers took such a liking to the younger quarterback Colin Kaepernick that they even trusted to lead them through the playoffs.
The San Francisco 49ers’ growing confidence in Colin Kaepernick immediately sounded the alarms for Alex Smith, whom the 49ers were short of replacing with Peyton Manning during the free agency, before signing Smith onto a three-year contract. Alex Smith is owed $8.5 million for next season, but the San Francisco 49ers just may decide not to keep him on the books anymore.
However, Alex Smith is still a starting caliber player who could fit in well with a team desperately in need of a quality quarterback. Instead of wasting an upcoming draft pick on searching for a franchise quarterback in a draft class already lacking quality starting quarterbacks, the following teams would be better off taking a chance on a veteran quarterback who’s already made past the jump from college to pro football.
Arizona Cardinals
The Arizona Cardinals quarterback casserole of shuffling between the likes of Kevin Kolb, John Skelton and Ryan Lindley needs to end. The Arizona Cardinals need a franchise quarterback with some consistency and Alex Smith provide that.
Alex Smith makes intelligent plays on the field, helping his 70 percent pass completion rate as a starter this season. He doesn’t turn the ball over that often and would make the most of the available weapons in Arizona such as veteran Larry Fitzgerald.
While it could be tempting for new Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians to assign a first round pick to getting a quarterback, it may prove inevitably prove futile due to the lack of depth in the department in the projected draft class.
New York Jets
It’s been hard to make head and tail of Rex Ryan’s offense in New York. Starting quarterback Mark Sanchez’s been in a rut and Rex Ryan finally needs to cut the umbilical cord. Moreover, Rex Ryan hasn’t found a use of Tim Tebow on the offense, especially now that he could be leaving for a starting chance elsewhere. As of now, Alex Smiths seems like an instant upgrade over any other quarterback on the New York Jets roster. The New York Jets may find their quarterback in Alex Smith who makes calculated plays and could keep the defense off the field.
While Alex Smith may not have a lot of weapons available on the current roster, the New York Jets could always address the issue during the drafts or free agency.
Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jacksonville Jaguars may feel in their comfort zone giving quarterback Chad Henne another shot in 2013 after he had certain moments of brilliance this season. They may even be content with giving veteran Blaine Gabbert an opportunity to earn back his place but Alex Smith is another option that remains for the Jacksonville Jaguars front office.
The veteran may not be the Jacksonville Jaguars’ pick of franchise quarterback but he could bring back a winning consistency to the team. Meanwhile, the Jacksonville Jaguars could work their way through the roster before eventually considering upgrading at quarterback as well.
Till then Alex Smith poses a large margin of improvement over Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne.
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I find it funny how you think Colin and Alex Smith are on the falcons... Research at least a little before you post.