Tebow unhappy with QB decision, hasnít asked for trade yet

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Tim Tebow said on Wednesday that these are times when true character reveals itself. So far the New York Jets wildcat quarterback (as well as personal punt protector) Tim Tebow has been the perfect soldier – publically saying all the right things, while maintaining his calm and cool, despite being passed on the depth chart by Greg McElroy. When Tim Tebow was initially traded, he had hopes of competing for the starting job or at least providing a considerable boost in the wildcat formation for the New York Jets’ offense. But since, he’s been more of a spectator from the sidelines.
When New York Jets No.1 quarterback Mark Sanchez was benched after arguably his worst career performance and ending all playoffs hopes for the New York Jets in Monday’s loss to the Tennessee Titans, Tim Tebow would have thought he’d finally caught a break. However, the coaching staff seems to have no confidence in Tim Tebow as New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan handed the keys to second-year quarterback Greg McElroy on Tuesday, after he’d been inactive over the past two games.
This led to a surging wave of reports that Tim Tebow will demand a trade or release from the New York Jets at the end of the season.
While Tim Tebow admittedly appeared disappointed at again losing an opportunity to prove his case for the starting job, the 25-year-old refuted all reports that he’d asked the New York Jets for a trade…yet.
Asked if he hopes to return with the New York Jets in 2013, Tim Tebow said, “I'll just wait until after the season to look at things like that.”
 Until now, Tim Tebow has insisted that he’d like to play out the life of his contract with the New York Jets, but make no mistake – all signs point to a less than happy player in the locker room.
"Obviously a little disappointed,” Tim Tebow said of when he was informed by Rex Ryan that they were picking Greg McElroy at the starting spot, “but you try and handle it the best you can. All you can ask for and all you want is a chance.”
And if Tim Tebow is just as puzzled like us about the indigenous backup quarterback title or being passed on by someone he clearly outweighs in rushing yards, Rex Ryan did little to answer the many questions of the former 25th overall pick.
"Not really too much of one, just what we're doing," Tim Tebow recalled Rex Ryan’s explanation to the baffling starting quarterback decision. "And though you might not agree you have respect for him and the organization and just do the best you can."
But it’s got to be tough pill to swallow after watching Mark Sanchez throw away games week after week, and never getting a second look himself by the team.
“Every opportunity you get you want to make the most of. I would have loved to have more of an opportunity to just play quarterback,” Tim Tebow said. “Some things are hard to understand but they're trying to do the best they can and I understand that.”
Still, Tim Tebow hasn’t even been informed by the team about his role in Sunday’s game when Greg McElroy starts against the San Diego Chargers. 
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