Ted Ginn Jr. adjusting well with the Carolina Panthers

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWhen Panthers quarterback Cam Newton shot the ball way in to Ted Ginn Jr., the fans knew what was coming next. Ginn happened to be on flight on his legs at Bank of America Stadium and it was a spectacular display of athleticism to watch.
The only problem was that Newton had shot the ball way over as it sailed 54 yards. But Ginn said he was already on top of the situation. Oh yeah, I had it. But I had to slow down two or three steps. “He not only caught the ball but made a 47 yard touchdown to match his 40 yarder he scored a week ago Versace the Buffalo Bills. As of now, he happens to be the single NFL player with 2 touchdowns measuring over 40 yards in this 2013 season.
Put on a one year contract he endorsed on March that grants him $1.1 million, he has already proven his worth on the field and shown himself to be a talent worth adding to the franchise. Although underpaid by NFL standards, he may soon find himself being offered more permanent contracts.
When Ginn was asked about his long term prospects with the Panthers, he said that he did not have plans for it. It is certain that the Panthers will be more than willing to have him back for the 2014 season as a more permanent member of the squad if he keeps up his performance.
Ginn just used to be a No.3 wideout after Brandon LaFell and Steve Smith, even behind Domenik Hixon and Armanti Edwards. But those days are a thing of the past as he awes fans with his blurring speed.
When Panthers head coach Ron Rivera was asked how Ginn showed his talent, he said “Quite honestly, to Domenik and Armanti’s detriment, when they both got hurt the one guy who stood out and took advantage of it was Ted. He started the next few games as our third receiver and really established himself.”
Ginn uses his swiftness well. The opponent team is so engrossed in cutting him off that they leave other vulnerabilities open bare.
But even Ginn does come with his share of baggage. He has in the past dropped some crucial passes and his small physique and lack of bulk by NFL standards does make him look an easy target, limits some of his tackling abilities and handicaps him against larger players. This was mostly the reason the San Francisco 49ers did not accept him as a receiver.
All said, his amazing speed, ability to turn the tables and ability to take passes has so far made him very successful and with the Panthers, he has shown exceptional gameplay so far this season.
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