Teed Off Thursday: Verizon, NBA Rankings & Racy Super Bowl Ads

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3-2-1...1-2-3...what the heck...is bothering me?  At least this week.

1) We are not stupid Verizon.

Let me tell you a short little story.  Once upon a time Verizon wireless came out with an unlimited talk & text plan for $99.  But then their "inferior" competition, T-Mobile, released a unlimited talk & text plan at nearly half the price!  So to compete Verizon decided to drop their unlimited plan down to $69, but that wasn't all they dropped.  They dropped the unlimited text messaging too.  If you want the unlimited texting, it will cost you $20, which shoots the plan back up to $89.  So all this grand advertising and marketing was for a mere $10 discount?

I'm not here to debate which provider is better, in my opinion they all suck.  But what I do know is that Verizon's bait and switch advertising is insulting.  I understand you think your coverage and service are better than the rest, but then just f***in' say so!  Don't try and pretend you're a bargain brand, just come out and say, "yea you're gonna pay more with us, but you're gonna get more too!"  You don't see Bounty paper towels trying to pretend they're cheap.  This sh*t is expensive!  But they tell you upfront.  I don't buy them, but at least I respect their honesty.

2) Can we please stop ranking teams on a weekly basis.

I know that drooling lifeless fans want to know exactly where their teams rank every second of everyday and the media types are inclined to tell them -- regardless of their lack of god-like all knowing powers -- but can we be reasonable please?  Let's ask the right questions.  Because the right question isn't who is the playing the best right now, the right question is who is the favorite to win the championship right now?  Those are the ranking people should care about.  I really don't care that the Chicago Bulls are on a hot streak today, because everybody knows good and well it's not going to matter come April.

It is absolutely mind-boggling that the Charlotte Bobcats are ranked ahead of the Boston Celtics -- and this coming from a Kobe fan like myself -- in these rankings.  Who really believes that the Charlotte Bobcats are favored to win the East let alone a NBA championship over Kevin Garnett and the Celtics?  I know Hollinger does the Playoff Odds and all that stuff, but please don't even get me started on his asinine formula.  Here are the ranking I want to see.  If you have to bet -- today -- on one team to win the championship or I kill you...who would it be?  And after that?  And after that?  Those are the only "rankings" that matter.

3) If Janet can't show her nipples, then two guys can't grope

Fair is fair.  If Janet Jackson cannot show her boobs, then this "alternative dating" site can't show their boobs -- meaning two men making out like goofballs.  I mean could you imagine the uproar CBS would receive if father's trying to watch the greatest sporting event of the year with their young children had to explain why the hell two buddies were swapping spit with each other like horny teenagers?  Hell, my kids don't even watch me make out like that with my wife!

But the point is, people need to chill the f*** out with all the whining and complaining.  CBS said no.  It's their f***in' station, and it's their f***in' problem when viewers complain about the over-sexuality of TV at 6pm est (3pm pst), so unless the website is going to pony up the lawyer fees for CBS, maybe, just maybe they should leave this alone.  And this is not a message to gay people, this is a message for the website.  Sh*t, I'm black, but every now and again I am embarrassed by Al Sharpton's whining and complaining.

**Update** The Washington Post hit the nail on the head, it's not like this was a political ad to increase gay tolerance and advance important gay rights issues like say, serving openly in the military.  It's a f***in' exploitative dating site.  Next!

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2/4/10   |   Beaze   |   271 respect

Agreed and agreed, but I have a wee bit of an argument on your 3rd point of the week. Personally, I don't want to see the ad either, but, it is a Free Country and if CBS is going to air an Anti-Abortion Ad by a Right Wing HIGHLY Conservative Radical Religious Group- then by all means- show this ad as well- or show NONE of these types of things at all. I understand that it is their Station and their RIGHT to do whatever they please, but I also understand the others side of the argument as well. If it were just a " Straight Sex" type of dating service, I'm SURE that CBS would have NO PROBLEM taking their money and showing their ad.  Just my two-cents for whatever that is worth!

I hear you, but I don't think the Tebow ad is "anti"-abortion (clearly stated in last weeks article).

And I don't think it's appropriate to show this website dating ad during the super bowl in the middle of the day for us West Coasters.  If you can't show Janet's boobs or the Go Daddy girls making out, then you can't show this in front of children.

I don't care about the ads that may offend adults, only children.

2/4/10   |   Beaze   |   271 respect

i thought it was disgusting to see Adam Lambert kissing that guy,and then when he is called out for it he plays the "gay " card and people wonder why Gays aren't as respected as the gays  think they should be

and as far as Verizon goes...At&t blows them outta the water anyday....i pay 80 a month for cell phone service and i have unlimited text,mins and Multimedia!  

Oh goodness, there is a "gay" card now.  Why wasn't I notified?  Does that mean my "black" card has expired or is no longer the platinum standard?

2/4/10   |   Chief_aka_James   |   3307 respect

With #2, I agree the weekly rankings are a bit ridiculous when it comes to long drawn-out seasons like the NBA, MLB, and NHL - the only one I like seeing weekly rankings (and actually look for instead of stumble upon) are the NFL.

2/4/10   |   kobe_lova   |   62063 respect

i cant believe i'm not the first to post here. too slow today i guess. Verizon is too high and i like my t-mobile. my bill's like $50 with unlimited talk and txts. The Bobcats wont even be ranked above the Hawks....I know you see us.

Sh*t, I'm black, but every now and again I am embarrassed by Al Sharpton's whining and complaining.
now and again, try whenever he opens his F*cking  mouth!

and i liked seeing Janet's boob if she was performing again, i'd watch. or they could just show that last HBO special she did. I dont care about the commercials at all. i'd be good with no dating site and/or political, and financial commercials. Doritos, beer, movies, go daddy, and cell phones only,..and maybe justin long because I'm a PC but i love the mac guy.

2/4/10   |   heelfan811   |   16474 respect

Good article, well said!

2/4/10   |   gobigblue1960   |   4805 respect

What would get higher ratings...watching Janet Jackson showing off her boobs, or Adam Lambert kissing another guy.? Bingo, Janet wins.!!!!
Keep the rants coming.

2/4/10   |   elevenbravo138again   |   1163 respect

You should see if Paxil or Zoloft would like to be the Title Sponsor of this weekly rant.