Tennessee Basketball Recruit Emmanuel Negedu Hangs With Marisa Miller's Husband Griffin Guess
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Marissa Miller Topless Beach Pic

High school basketball recruit Emmanuel Negedu has it pretty good. He's ranked by Rivals as the 40th best player player headed to the college ranks and had his choice of many fine basketball institutions.

But that's only secondary.

Negedu coincidentally attended the same high school, Brewster Academy, as Hollywood producer Griffin Guess. Why should any of this matter to you? Well Guess is the luckiest man on Earth and he gets to sleep with his wife Marisa Miller on a regular basis.

Anyways, Gary Parrish reports that Negedu after having met Guess and Miller, now regularly hangs with them and just recently made his college decision from their home in Santa Cruz.
Long story short, Griffin became interested in Emmanuel's story.

He kept up with how things were going.

And when the story took a strange turn with the release from Arizona and the recruiting battle between Tennessee, Memphis, Indiana and Georgia Tech, Griffin decided to invite Emmanuel to California to film some stuff and make his announcement from there. So that's what's been going on this week. While you are living whatever life you live, Emmanuel Negedu is kicking it in Santa Cruz with a Hollywood producer and a supermodel (who happened to top Maxim's Hot 100 list this year, case you didn't know), and it's times like these when I really wish I was Emmanuel Negedu.

It really sucks to be a talented basketball recruit.

The scary news here for basketball and Marisa Miller fans alike, is that Negedu chose Tennessee as his collegiate destination. You can be certain Guess and Miller pay their friend a visit which means we're likely to have another handsy Bruce Pearl moment. Oh joy! We're sure Pearl didn't factor that into his recruitment at all.

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SHE IS A HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What a lucky dude.

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sooooooooooo hot girl oh sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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Tron wrote:

you never need an excuse to do a post about Marissa Miller

My excuse would be because it is (fill in the day of the week it is).

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you never need an excuse to do a post about Marissa Miller