Tennessee Titans have “faith” in starting Matt Hasselbeck

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The Tennessee Titans will be making some temporary changes at starting quarterback this week with Jake Locker being placed on the injured/ reserve list after dislocating his shoulder. However, the Tennessee Titans won’t have to go through a turbulent phase in search for replacement due to a strong veteran presence at backup quarterback.
Matt Hasselbeck can certainly handle starting one game, but what remains the most interesting question arising from this whole situation is if the Tennessee Titans will opt to for a more permanent solution at the position after predominantly struggling in their first four games of the season.
Tennessee Titans wide receiver Nate Washington called Matt Hasselbeck ““the best second-string quarterback in the league.” Considering the recent inconsistently at the position displayed by quarterbacks across the league¸ Nate Washington’s remark was meant more as a compliment to a high-caliber backup quarterback.
With 198 regular-season and 11 post season starts, Matt Hasselbeck brings a lot of experience at the position; a rare quality amongst backup quarterbacks in the league.
“Everybody has faith in Jake and everybody has faith in Matt. There aren’t many teams that have two quarterbacks like that,” stated Nate Washington. “We look at it like we have two starting quarterbacks.”
Maybe a shake-up at the position is all the Tennessee Titans need after going 1-3 thus far in the season.  Matt Hasselbeck’s leadership skills will prove to be an additional bonus for the Tennessee Titans.
However, Matt Hasselbeck acknowledged he’s a bit rusty playing starting quarterback, which was evident from his performance against the Houston Texans last Sunday. With the Titans trailing the Houston Texans’ lead in the second-half, Matt Hasselbeck threw two interceptions during the game.
But since Tennessee Titans’ coach Mike Munchak announced on Wednesday that Matt Hasselbeck will be starting, he’s been taking first-team snaps during practices to cover-up on 147 games of starting gap.
“I’ve just gone back to what I’ve done for the last 10 years,” said Matt Hasselbeck.
Yet it is undeniable that Matt Hasselbeck has extensive knowledge at the position based on sound fundamentals, a quality the Minnesota Vikings’ defense is well-aware of.
 “He knows his reads,” stated the Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, “and you’re really going to have to do stuff coverage-wise to try to cloud his reason and buy a little time to get there.”
On the long run, the Tennessee Titans will be left with two options at the end of Matt Hasselbeck‘s brief stint at starting quarterback. Based on Matt Hasselbeck’s performance, Mike Munchak will ultimately have decide on whether to keep things going the way they are or revert to their original starting quarterback. The second-year coach has so far dodged getting into such a pickle over key offensive starting spots. But if the Tennessee Titans start winning a few games and managing to take a 30 point lead over their opponents, Mike Munchak will be up for a tough call.
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