Terrell Owens humbled by Chad Johnsonís state during visit to jail

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsOnce considered two of the NFL’s most talented, flamboyant and outspoken players when their star burned brightest in the league, Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens’ careers have since then suffered catastrophic downfalls. But their friendship has managed to withstand the passage of time and survived yet another obstacle when Owens paid Johnson a visit in jail despite a relative lack of ease with the place, to show his support for Johnson.
Johnson has been in jail for the past six days, since when he offended Broward County Judge Kathleen McHugh by butt-slapping his lawyer during an ongoing-session in a Florida court. As a result, McHugh tossed out the plea deal Johnson’s attorney had originally reached for probation violence in a domestic-violence case stemming from an incident furing August with his then-wife Evelyn Lozada. Instead of no-jail time suggested in the initial plea deal, which also included community service and counseling, McHugh sentenced Johnson to 30-days behind bars in her court on June 10.
Former teammates and even some individuals in the legal community have come out in support of Johnson. Owens joined the circuit on Saturday when he visited the former Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins wide receiver in jail. Owens gave a detailed description of his visit via his Twitter account.
It was an unquestionably jarring experience for Owens, whose off-field antics in recent years generated a similar buzz as Johnson’s immature clown-act that landed him in the slammer earlier last week. Owens noted being locked behind the bars hadn’t dampened Johnson’s spirits yet, though he joked that Johnson could he could use a haircut at this point in his sentence.
“Just visited the homie @ochocinco,” wrote Owens. “He's in good spirits, he needs a haircut already tho. Lol. He sends his best regards to everyone.”
Owens noted that it was his first time visiting someone in jail, and it opened his eyes to what an unpleasant experience spending time behind bars could be.
“That was the 1st time ever visiting someone in jail & hopefully the last. That's not a place anyone wants to be regardless of how many days,” posted Owens. “I really didn't know what to expect but to see the homie locked up is a very humbling experience, to talk to him via vid conference let me know that's not where anyone wants to be.”
“I know he’s only in county jail but to someone that has never been locked up…Jail is Jail!” added Owens.
As of Sunday, Johnson still has 24 days left in jail unless his attorney files a successful plea to reduce the sentence.
The recent legal debacle spelled the end of any hopes Johnson had of making an NFL comeback after spending last season out of football. Owens has maintained a similar interest in returning to the NFL. However, he has failed to draw interest from teams on the open market this offseason and is unlikely to play for an NFL team again.
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