Terrell Owens would “welcome” a shot with Chicago Bears

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Terrell Owens is just a few months shy of 40, which places him in a heavily unfavorable position as a wide receiver, who besides all hasn’t played in the NFL in the last two-years. But that doesn’t stop Terrell Owens from thinking about an NFL comeback.
And Terrell Owens thinks the Chicago Bears will be a good fit for his return to NFL. For that purpose, Terrell Owens is seeking out a familiar face in Chicago, hoping to call in a favor with an old coach from his time in San Francisco. Terrell Owens spent his rookie season under first-time Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman, who was back then the San Francisco 49ers’ offensive coordinator and quarterback coach.
"I played my first early years in San Francisco with (Marc Trestman) and shortly after that, he left to do some things," Terrell Owens said while he was in Chicago to participate charity basketball game this week.  "I haven't talked to Marc in a long while. I know he's gone on and done some things, now he's back in the NFL.”
“So, I never really thought about it until myself and (former NFL linebacker) Napoleon (Harris) were talking about it earlier, but I would definitely welcome it if they would give it some serious consideration.”
And should the Chicago Bears take bait, Terrell Owens offers insight into some serious upgrade and possibly strong chemistry his presence will add to the offense.
“To think about (Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall) on the other side and me on one side, that's really dangerous,” said Terrell Owens. “I'm keeping myself in shape just for any opportunity that may come about."
Terrell Owens also spent some time working out with former NFL linebacker Napoleon Harris, who shifted careers to become Illinois State Senator, while visiting Chicago. He too lobbied for Terrell Owens to get a look from the Chicago Bears.
“The guy was a great player and he is in tremendous physical shape. We worked out this morning and after we ran five miles, he did sprints and lifted and he looks great,” said Napoleon Harris on Saturday. “The Bears would be smart to give him an opportunity. He is motivated and ready to play.”
Throughout his NFL career, Terrell Owens always appeared in solid form and quickly bounced back from injuries. Neither does his seasoned age or being out of NFL since his last game with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010 appear as a heavy factor for the general lack of interest from NFL teams, despite not so subtle campaigning from Terrell Owens.
Terrell Owens’ presence at USC while working out with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady this offseason sparked some rumors. But the New England Patriots have maintained zero interest in signing Terrell Owens.
The fact is that Terrell Owens’ attitude, habit of running his mouth (as set by past stops in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas) and overall poisonous locker room presence is enough to scare off any team.
Moreover, Marc Trestman probably won’t want to ruin his record as a first-year NFL head coach by bringing in and dealing with the drama surrounding Terrell Owens.
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