Terrelle Pryor is evolving into a star quarterback for Raiders

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsTerrelle Pryor, Oakland Raiders quarterback is certainly a player has way more talent and determination than expected. He is an underdog to say the least. In the preseason, he showed just how much talent he packed and gave quite a surprise to everyone and even the coaches when he came on top of veteran Matt Flynn to win the starting quarterback role from him this season. it wasn’t only the preseason that went well for him. He played exceptionally well and at a professional level for all the starting five weeks of NFL regular season 2013.
He has shown talent, sportsmanship, determination and ability to evolve. He might be just in his rookie years but sure knows which way he must go. He has asked renowned pitching coach Tom House to help him develop his skill set to another level.
Tom House isn’t just an ordinary coach. He was a relief pitcher for a total of eight years for the Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox and Seattle Mariners. He is now a top name in coaching quarterbacks and specializes in training them. And Terrelle Pryor isn’t the only one who has sought his help. House has been approached and trained people like Tim Tebow, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Joe Flacco and Carson Palmer.
Even though Tebow fell way low and that might marr House’s reputation, it was actually the reason that Pryor contacted him. He wanted to remain well away from the downfall that Tebow had.
“Tebow looked great, he was throwing the ball great, wasn't missing anything,” he said. “Then they said he went to [training] camp, and when he went back, he reverted back to himself because [that's] when the bullets are flying at you.”
It has been going good for Pryor so far. He is ranked at the fourth place by ESPN.com with a 72.7 completion percentage. He isn’t just giving a good performance; he is improving with each one and is giving better and better results. His passing is refining into professional levels as time is passing by.
Pryor may be getting ever better with time but he still needs to work on his passing skills. Even though his statistics are going strong, he can get a little muddled sometimes and confuse his plays. His play calling and movement on the field needs to improve.
But he knows his errors. That is why he has gone to House who knows how to resolve these issues. If he gets a handle on these problems then he can certainly contend to be a top quarterback in NFL at a very early start in his career. 
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