Terrelle Pryor makes longest touchdown run in NFL history

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Oakland Raiders starting quarterback Terrelle Pryor on Sunday made his way to NFL history when he made a 93 yard touchdown in 14 seconds, the longest touchdown run by a quarterback.
The play started when he received a snap from the center and then feigned a pass to Darren McFadden. He then turned right and made a sharp turn around the corner. After that, he made ran his way to glory for his 93 yard touchdown.
The touchdown helped the Raiders secure a marginal lead that was later reduced and they went on to win 21-18 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The play seemed to be just another one of the normal ones but Pryor brought a whole new meaning to it.
Stefen Wisniewski, center for the Steelers thought that the plan was to pass to McFadden and was busy handling Steve McClendon when the commotion started.
“I heard the crowd cheering, I kind of looked at D-Mac and he looked like he was 5 of 6 yards downfield,” he said. “I was like, ‘Are we that excited about a 5- or 6-yard gain? Sure enough, I look up and Pryor’s at the 50 with no one around him and I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s why they’re cheering. Sweet.’ ”
The play was so out of the box that even the Raiders had no idea what had happened until Pryor had a safe distance of over 5 yards on any Steelers defender and was on his way to make a record setting touchdown.
Khalif Barnes, left offensive tackle for the Raiders said that the play was meant for McFadden to gain yards so he was tackling defensive end Brett Keisel. And then he saw Pryor.
“I see D-Mac come out the hole next to me … then I hear the crowd erupt,” Barnes said. “It’s always a good feeling when you hear the crowd erupt because you know something big is happening.”
The play was meant for Pryor to have the choice of passing the ball to McFadden or keeping it to himself. It all fell down on how outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley played. Wide receiver Rod Streater was given the task of stopping strong safety Troy Polamalu and for right offensive tackle Matt McCants to close the corners.
McCants said he was expecting the ball to go to McFadden. Seems like Pryor surprised more than quite a few people.
“I decided to hit my guy as hard as I could. The next thing, I looked up and T.P. was in the end zone. So, I was like, that’s a good sign,” McCants said.
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