Terrelle Pryor will get the start and more playing time this week

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Aug 23, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) drops back for a pass against the Chicago Bears during the second quarter at O.Co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY SportsThroughout the preseason, Terrelle Pryor has proven himself worthy of starting for the Oakland Raiders against the Seattle Seahawks. He’ll also get more minutes this week than we’ve seen from him before.

Though, part of this is also due to Matt Flynn’s sore throwing arm.

Against, the Seahawks, Pryor is expected to remain on the field even after the starters on both sides have been taken out, which can be attributed to his one big drawback: maturity. His split-second decision making is what needs some work, and the longer he’s on the field, the more Pryor can work on that.

It seems like everyone on the team is happy with the decision to start him (except maybe Flynn).

Head coach Dennis Allen said:

“The thing he brings is an element of athleticism that allows him to get out of trouble and make some plays with his feet. And I've said this all along about Terrelle -- he works extremely hard. Any time you've got a talented player that works extremely hard, you've got a chance to get better.''


Offensive coordinator Greg Olson also echoed this sentiment:

“We signed Matt with the thought he's going to come in and be the starter and we have a package for Terrelle. But he's done some things in these preseason games that we have been excited about and I know a lot of people are excited about. We'll continue to add to that package. He's a tremendous athlete, and he's got an ability to make plays. And right now, we're looking for playmakers.”


Charles Woodson chimed in:

“The thing that he does is he gives you a spark. That's something that can't really be accounted for. He gets in a game and I think we almost expect something big to happen when he's in there.''


As for Pryor, he’s just working hard.

“Every day, I'm trying to get one percent better, and I won't stop until I get to my goal. My goal is to be a starting quarterback, to lead this team to wins. I'll keep pushing every day until it happens.''


The two big areas where Pryor needs to prove himself are leadership and turnovers. The former will come with time and experience, and the latter is already much improved, especially when compared to Flynn, who threw two interceptions last week, while Pryor threw for one TD and ran in another.

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