Terrence Ross Wins Dunk Contest

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Blog Photo - Terrence Ross Wins Dunk Contest
They high-flying rookie – Terrence Ross - from Toronto won the dunk contest this weekend in Houston when he earned 58% of the fan vote over reigning champion Jeremy Evans.
The underdog seemed a bit apprehensive under the big stage lights as he missed his first three dunk attempts, but after he made his dunk on his fourth try, he not only won over the crowd, but regained his confidence.
"This is honestly my first really big dunk contest, so I was nervous," said Ross.  "And not making a dunk didn't make it easy. I had to get myself together."
And Ross eventually did.  The 6-foot-6 shooting guard for the Raptors even paid homage to Vince Carter by wearing his jersey. 
The favorite to win the dunk contest was James White, but the NBA asked White to join ten years too late.  White is now 30 years old and considerably heavier than he was ten years ago when he was dunking from the free throw line like he was playing a video game.
Meanwhile, the youthful Ross had the extra spring in his step following the steps of former Raptor and slam dunk champion – Vince Carter. 

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