Texans coach Gary Kubiak has Matt Schaubís back

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsAfter the Houston Texans had lost against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, Texans head coach Gary Kubiak took out some personal time to talk with quarterback Matt Schaub about his performance.
Schaub’s performance has been under scrutiny for the past three weeks. He has again thrown an interception that was returned and ended in a touchdown, just like three past two weeks. All this has put his performance and tactical skills under question. With a quarterback background himself, coach Kubiak saw that Schaub could definitely use a few pointers and had a little talk with him after the match.
Schaub managed a total of 355 yards, completed 31 passes and scored two touchdowns which put the Texans in a dominating lead of 20-3 during the first half. With 2:51 left one the clock, Cornerback Richard Sherman picked a third-down pass during the fourth quarter and scored a touchdown which leveled both teams after which overtime was announced. The Seahawks won the game for 23-20.
After the talk, the next day Kubiak said "I don't see a lack of confidence. I see some poor decision-making situations. Something that he has to handle and something that we can help him handle."
Although the team had given Schaub the liberty to call some of the plays himself, the one in which the interception was made was not called by him. About that play, Kubiak said "No, once we called it, started the motion, it was game on. So we just had a very, very poor play like I told you."
When asked how much freedom he was given, Kubiak replied “How short of a leash is he on? He's our quarterback."
Although the Texans did lose in against the Seahawks, they did get almost no injuries with a few exceptions. Starting right guard Brandon Brooks sustained a toe injury during the Sunday game. Inside linebacker Brian Cushing had to sit out the match due to a concussion. Left tackle Duane Brown was still recovering from a toe injury but Kubiak said it was yet day to day. Even so, quarterback Schaub remained the center of discussion through the media conferences and probably the team meetings as well.
Kubiak has nine seasons worth of quarterback experience as backup to John Elway. He said that he was eager to help the players pull through tough times and shape up. "I've been there for him when things have been really, really good and I promise I'll be there for him when they're not so good," he said. "We're there for him right now. We've got to help him work through this."
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