Texans enjoy rodeo before defeating Chargers 31-28 on the road

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Blog Photo - Texans enjoy rodeo before defeating Chargers 31-28 on the road
Three touchdowns down on the road in the second half of the season opener couldn’t shatter the confidence Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson had about picking up a victory over the San Diego Chargers. The Houston Texans were in the wringer with little hope of recording a comeback, but despite the odds the Texans became witness to the phrase “all is well that ends well”.
The young Texan kicker Randy Bullock ended the night with a 41-yard field goal just before the clock ran out, allowing Houston to recover from a 21-point deficit in for a 31-28 victory over the Chargers on Monday.
“Once you put a score on the board, then another, and the defense gets a stop, the big turnover, it just builds,” said Schaub, who found back his form in the game and passed for 346 yards. “Momentum keeps building, and you can feel that energy, and it's contagious.”
Till the second quarter Chargers new coach Mike McCoy was in dreamland. McCoy’s debut was starting to look like the promising beginning of domination, but the Texans returned after the interval to spoil the celebrations for McCoy and Co. Brian Cushing returned an 18-yard interception to tie the scores with 9:30 remaining on the clock.
Over the past couple of years the Texans have become accustomed to handling hard work. Two straight division titles and playoff trips are proof of their abilities. Schaub has become a cult-hero for the club during these campaigns, a leader whose has become a true Texan for the club’s fans.
“There was no doubt in my mind that we were going to win that game,” said Johnson, who could have boasted about 12 important catches and 146 yards. “Even in the third quarter, we didn't come out playing that great, but we got it together and made it happen.”
The Chargers started brightly, but everything started to fall apart for them during the latter stage of the game. The Texans, who are aiming for the Super Bowl, were simply better at handling pressure under the leadership of coach Gary Kubiak.
“I expected us to be in a dogfight,” Kubiak said after the game. “I'm disappointed with the way we played early, but we did not give up. ... We were mature enough to hang in there and get the win, so we have to be mature enough to know that we didn't play very well.”
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