Texas A&M Football: Heisman Voters May Have Hard Time Selecting Manziel

Heisman voters might have trouble voting for Johnny Football

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Nov 17, 2012; College Station, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) celebrates passing for a touchdown against the Sam Houston State Bearkats during the second half at Kyle Field. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRETexas A&M's freshman QB Johnny Manziel is considered one of the top Heisman Trophy contenders, but it might be a little difficult for voters to cast a vote for him.

Most people won't have trouble selecting him, but casting the actual vote is where the problem lies.

In the official online ballot, the ampersand (&) is not accepted by the electronic program used by the Heisman voting system.

The powers that be have insisted that all votes for Manziel WILL be counted, but voters will have to figure out a way to write "Texas A&M" without the "&."

While this might seem like a hassle for the Aggies, it's actually a good problem to have. They haven't had a true Heisman Trophy contender in years, so it's a huge deal that they even have a player who had such a great year that he's being considered for the award.

What do you think? Will it even matter? Should Johnny Manziel win the Heisman Trophy? Or should it end up going to someone else, like Manti Te'o or Colin Klein?
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If Johnny loses it because of this, Texas A&M should file a lawsuit on Johnny's behalf. And they really need to get nasty, if they have to.