Texas Tech concerned over Billy Gillispie complaints, will soon discuss coach’s future

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Texas Tech men’s basketball coach Billy Gillispie may be out of sight over the past few days after being suddenly hospitalized at the University Medical Center in Lubbock, but the school’s athletic director Kirby Hocutt is still thinking about the coach’s job status and his training methods.
Almost a week ago, the Texas Tech players went to the Compliance department with general complaints against Billy Gillispie, and being subjected to more than the NCAA’s advised hours of practice.
Kirby Hocutt stated Wednesday night that he is "very concerned with the information that has been brought to light regarding the situation during the past few weeks. Billy Gillispie and Kirby Hocutt were supposed to discuss the situation in a meeting Friday morning. But Kirby Hocutt indicated he will discuss Billy Gillispie’s job status as soon as the coach is released from hospital.
Meanwhile, Kirby Hocutt will be on the quest to gather more information regarding the alleged NCAA secondary violations by former and current Texas Tech players who exceeded the maximum practice hours per week. Current and former Texas Tech players have complained about the excessive practice hours, while returning players also noted Billy Gillispie’s stringent coaching style.
The Red Raiders had voiced their concern in a previous meeting with Kirby Hocutt.
"We have an enforcement-investigation policy on campus that we will follow and will continue to go through,” Kirby Hocutt laid-out his approach to the matter. “If at a certain time we are able to substantiate secondary violations have occurred, then at that time we will submit those to the Big 12 and the NCAA.''
Kirby Hocutt indicated he was engaged with the players when Billy Gillispie returned from his vacation on Tuesday or Wednesday last week, and so could not be immediately called for a discussion.
The practice hours violations were first reported during Billy Gillispie’s first season with Texas Tech in January.
"Those sanctions have been served,'' stated Kirby Hocutt. “I issued a reprimand that there would be no tolerance for further disregard for rules.”
Billy Gillispie was hired in March 2011 to replace former coach Pat Knight. At the time of his hiring Billy Gillispie was on a two-year break after coaching two-seasons at Kentucky, where things also ended on a bad foot. Billy Gillispie has also been coaching at the Texas A&M and UTEP.
Texas Tech officials was reportedly aware to the way things ended at Kentucky, but thought Billy Gillispie could serves as a “positive role model or educator or leader for the young people” with the Red Raiders. Kirby Hocutt stated the officials felt Billy Gillispie will prove a “good hire for Texas Tech.”
Billy Gillispie ended last season with the Red Raiders at 8-23(1-17 Big 12), and Kirby Hocutt is expecting to how he may return for the Texas Tech after the Red Raiders lodged several complaints over facing varying difficulties at practice.
"We have significant issues on the table at the end of the day,” said Kirby Hocutt, “and we'll be guided by our mission statement and our principles and move this through as expeditiously as we can.''
"I can't speculate how long that will take or what those outcomes will be,” added Kirby Hocutt. “We're hopeful that he'll make a full recovery so we can sit down and talk.”
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