Texas Tech super fan Jeff Orr is far worse than Marcus Smart

Pushing a fan is never right, but Marcus Smart isn't the real problem here

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Feb 9, 2014; Stillwater , OK, USA; Oklahoma State Cowboys guard Marcus Smart listens as head coach Travis Ford (not pictured) address the media at Gallagher-Iba Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY SportsLet me begin by saying that I am not trying to justify Marcus Smart's actions during Saturday's game between Oklahoma State and Texas Tech.

Smart was suspended 3 games for pushing a fan, and that suspension might have been a little lighter than it should have been, if anything.

Still, Smart wasn't the biggest problem. Not by a long shot.

The real problem is, without a doubt, guys like Jeff Orr.

Orr is the fan whom Smart pushed, and he's been a Texas Tech "Superfan" since he attended back in 1983. He is known for attending every Texas Tech home game, and sometimes even makes the trip to watch them on the road as well. He travels thousands of miles every year just to see them play.

Orr is a grown man, likely in his early 50s, who is known throughout the Big 12 for ridiculing opposing players, young men in their late teens and early 20s.

Orr is said to have made racist remarks in the past, although he claims he made no such comment to Smart. He has been caught on video making vulgar gestures to players.

Larry Brown details it over at his site, and notes that several players have complained about him in the past.

Again, there is no excuse for Smart's behavior. Part of the growing up process is knowing that you will sometimes have to deal with people making fools of themselves, but violence isn't the answer.

Marcus Smart was wrong, but he was wrong in a single moment of passion.

Jeff Orr was far more wrong, and has been wrong for decades. He's the problem, not Marcus Smart.
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Orr is the grown man here and he should act like it.  With brain development research showing that the part of the brain that affects decision-making not reaching maturity until the early to mid 20's (I'm not letting Smart off the hook here), it should come as no surprise that a player reacted to him in this manner in a high tension game. 

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