Texas Tech’s Jordan Tolbert not willing to play for Billy Gillipsie

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After a loud outcry from former and current players over Red Raiders coach Billy Gillipsie’s treatment of the student athletes, the Texas Tech still haven’t made a decision on the coach’s status, although one player has stepped forward adamantly claiming he will play under the current leadership no more.
When the Red Raiders met with Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt and were interviewed by the compliance department over Billy Gillipsie’s conduct, one player had indicated that some student-athletes couldn’t tolerate the coach’s antics anymore and will transfer to other programs if he returns.
Texas Tech leading scorer Jordan Tolbert reiterated those views on Monday, only this time making the reference in a personal context. Jordan Tolbert claimed if Billy Gillipsie is allowed to return to coach the Red Raiders after an extended medical leave, which will be the end of the road for Texas Tech and their lead scorer.
As a freshman, Jordan Tolbert averaged 11.5 points and 5.7 rebounds per game, when the Red Raiders finished 1-17 as Big 12 team (and 8-23 overall).
“I don't. I don’t. Maybe I would (play) for the assistants," stated Jordan Tolbert regarding his reaction to a possible return by Billy Gillipsie.  “I haven't put that much thought into it. There is a big sense of urgency. I don't want to play for him if he comes back."
Jordan Tolbert was amongst the group of players who were question about Billy Gillipsie by the Compliance department and had a following meeting on the issue with Kirby Hocutt two weeks ago.
Since Billy Gillipsie was released from University Medical Center after six days last Thursday, Jordan Tolbert claimed the Red Raiders haven’t been updated on the coach’s status.
Texas Tech itself claims to be out of the loop, since they haven’t been able to maintain a substantial contact with Billy Gillipsie since he was released from hospital although the coach has been taking back to back sick-day leaves. A spokesman for Texas Tech said that it was still unclear when Billy Gillipsie will be available.
Meanwhile the Texas Tech officials are busy turning over every rock to gather evidence for its investigation regarding Billy Gillipsie’s mistreatment of his players during practices.
Last week, Kirby Hocutt revealed that Texas Tech had penalized Billy Gillipsie for exceeding the NCAA’s 20 hours per week appointed practice schedule from previous fall. The letter cited "no tolerance for disregard of rules," according to Kirby Hocutt.
Jordan Tolbert stated that Texas Tech promised to arrive at a decision regarding Billy Gillipsie’s status following a meeting between the coach and Kirby Hocutt. Unfortunately since the last player’s meeting with the Kirby Hocutt, a sit-down between the coach and Texas Tech athletic director could not be arranged.
"We just don't know. We're waiting to find out like everyone else,” said Jordan Tolbert. “I haven't seen or talked to him in two or three weeks."
Meanwhile the players have been practicing with assistant coaches.
"We still can be good," stated Jordan Tolbert. "But we do need a coach."
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