Thank You Sir May I Have Another - The NHL's Force Feeding of Crosby

4/27/09 in NHL   |   fvhole26   |   2 respect

 No doubt that Sidney Crosby is one of the best players on the ice today. The NHL has been looking for marketable characters for quite some time now, but when can we decide for ourselves. The Penguins wouldn't have made it to the playoffs in 2008, if it had not been for the NHL  08- 09 points, and assist leader Evgeni Malkin. When talking to young fans you will hear plenty about Ovechkin, Crosby, and in my market Kane/Toews. Where is the love for Malkin, a quiet,(though sometimes a baby) hard working, exciting individual. For almost the entire season Ovehckin and Crosby where on the NHL's three stars of year. Yet  he is third in points, behind the Russians, this continued force fed verbal/media diarrhea must stop. The shadow has been cast on his superior teammate, Malkin, and is hindering other players from shining.
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4/27/09   |   nyrangers   |   192 respect

It used to be absoultely terrible and disgraceful, but it's definetely not as bad anymore, as people are starting to realize that Ovechkin is actually the best player in the world right now, not Crosby.
Still, I can' help but feel that he, along with his entire team, get's the benefit of the calls, and that he is over-marketed/hyped