The 2013 New York Giants are finished

RIP 2013 New York Giants: An Obituary

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Oct 6, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) reacts after being sacked in the 4th quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles during the game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY SportsWe are here to celebrate the life of the 2013 New York Giants. They sadly passed at the age of five weeks old.

Our beloved Little Blue showed so much promise at a young age. The heartbeat of the New York offense was first heard back in July when dynamic wide receiver Victor Cruz inked a new deal. It then began walking on its own once Rueben Randle was pegged to be the breakout star of the Giants following an impressive training camp. A 57-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Eli Manning to Cruz in the August 10 exhibition game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was this season's team saying its first words.

There were, as we all now realize, signs that the team was gravely ill following that contest. New York lost its final three preseason games. The Giants were then downed by the Dallas Cowboys in the regular season opener, a defeat mostly caused by six New York turnovers. What was hoped to be merely a one-off proved to be the norm for the Giants, who have since been buried due to a plethora of costly giveaways.

Any football team is only as good as is its foundation, and New York's caused the team to crumble. The previously mentioned Manning has taken a beating thanks to an essentially absent offensive line, and he is being sacked three times per contest this year. On the other side of the ball is a pass rush that is averaging only one sack per game.

The demise of the 2013 Giants was swift but not painless. They've been outscored by 100 points in their five games. New York is but one of three NFL teams in history to give up 30 or more points in Weeks One through Five. Make no mistake about it. Head coach Tom Coughlin doesn't just have himself a bad team. The Giants are absurdly awful, a losing squad for the record books.

Hope emerged for New York in the fact that the NFC East as a whole is nothing shy of mediocre. No team in the division is over .500 after the first weekend of October. The Giants remain only two games out of first place. That they couldn't knock off what is, if we're being honest about it, a pretty bad Philadelphia side at home showed me all I needed to see about New York's current state and about the team's immediate future.

What's clear as of the morning of October 7 is that the 2013 Giants are not getting much better before the end of the calendar year. 0-16 is not coming unless Coughlin's squad completely gives up, something that would be unacceptable for the coach, general manager Jerry Reese and a proud franchise that is in its darkest days of the past decade. With that said, New York's playoff hopes died a death at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. Discussions about the 2014 NFL Draft may begin today.

The 2013 Giants are survived by Coughlin, who may be the team's only remaining coach come next spring, and a quarterback who deserves better from his offensive line, his rushing attack and his WRs who have routinely struggled with catching passes. Outside of that, don't be surprised if a massive overhaul is on the horizon for a roster that hasn't even come close to meeting expectations. Yes, the 2013 Giants are indeed deceased.

May they, and all memories of them, eternally rest in peace.

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