The Anna Benson Saga Continues

The Anna Benson story just keeps getting better

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Blog Photo - The Anna Benson Saga ContinuesLet me start by saying, God bless Anna Benson for coming along and finallyhelping us all forget about the Aaron Hernandez story. In case you missed it, the former Penthouse Pet and all-around naughty ex-baseball wife busted into the home of her estranged husband, former major league pitcher Kris Benson, in Smyrna, Georgia on Sunday night armed to the teeth and looking for money. The specifics of the story kind of ended there until the New York Post had a little chat with her from the Marietta jail where she’s currently summering.
Among the details released by police: Anna entered her husband’s house dressed like ninja, armed with a revolver, a knife, an expandable baton, an ammunition belt, and wearing a bulletproof vest. The police also recovered (are you ready?) a Taser, a hatchet, a bag of syringes, thirteen bullets, eight pills, (and a partridge in a pear tree). She reportedly beat the baton against her chest like an ape, smashed her husband’s computer to smithereens, and demanded $30,000. (Seems reasonable enough.) When Kris Benson told her he was going to get his wallet (that old trick) he instead called the cops and ran off into the woods. When police arrived they found Anna on the back porch smoking a cigarette. She promptly informed the officers that her ex is a specific part of the female anatomy and that she never intended to hurt him. But it doesn’t end there.
Talking to the Post, Anna Benson also dropped the following collection of highly entertaining quotes:
“I’m a good girl, a nice girl.”
“We have been married 15 years and he just can’t keep it in his pants. He can’t stop f***ing my friends in my house. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love him.”
“I was dressed in ballistics gear because I’m starting my own company. I am designing bulletproof vests…. My plan is to drive around the Southeast to the different gun shows and see what is out there and what is cool. The problem is I don’t have any money to start my business, and a lot of the stuff I can’t tell the investors about because it is top-secret military and Department of Defense stuff. I don’t disclose any of the information because that could jeopardize the officers and the soldiers.”

Prior to paying her husband a surprise visit, Benson apparently got one of her friends to babysit her youngest child. When the friend inquired as to why she was dressed in black and carrying ammo, Benson told her that she was on her way to a modeling gig for a ballistics company at the Cobb County Civic Center, where there was actually a jewelry show at the time.
Benson could face up to 20 years if convicted, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. After all, she’s no Aaron Hernandez.
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Crack is whack

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Jess wrote:
This is absolutely insane. Those quotes are golden. I love it.

If I could bail her out, I would.

7/10/13   |   huskerdoug2009   |   2790 respect

Forgot these two idiots even were alive anymore.  Benson stayed in the majors slightly longer than Todd Van Poppel, and Anna's 10 minutes of fame was 8 1/2 minutes longer than it should have been.

7/10/13   |   Jess   |   34863 respect

This is absolutely insane. Those quotes are golden. I love it.