The Bears lose Cutler, more defensive players and the game

The Bears lose more than just a game in Washington

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Oct 20, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) lays on the field with an apparent injury against the Washington Redskins during the first half at FedEX Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY SportsAs a fan, some losses are more painful than others. The Bears losing Sunday really stung, especially considering that they lost their starting quarterback and several defensive starters throughout the game, yet still had a lead in the closing minutes.

Jay Cutler left the game in the second quarter with what they're calling a groin injury. He will undergo an MRI today to determine the damage. The good news is the Bears enter their bye week, so he will have additional time to heal up. However, groin injuries can be tricky, so depending on the severity, it could cost Cutler a month.

I'm sure the majority of Bears' fans thought the game was over when Cutler left the field (I'm guilty of such a thought). However, to our surprise Josh McCown, (that is his name, right?) looked as good as you could possibly hope for from a backup. Keep in mind, Bears' fans endured Jason Campbell last year.

McCown made sharp throws in tight coverage and more importantly--was turnover free. McCown finished 14-20, 204 yards, and threw a go-ahead touchdown to Tight End Martellus Bennett with just under four minutes left.

Quick side note: Unfathomably the Bears do not carry a third QB on the roster, so keeping McCown upright was crucial for the final 2 plus quarters.

The Bears came into this game already shorthanded on the defensive line. In the second half, Pro Bowlers Lance Briggs and Charles Tillman were added to the mash unit. As a result, RG III and anyone who wanted to run the football, took full advantage of the injuries.

While the Bears defense is going through a transition period this year, (loss of Urlacher and Lovie Smith) this defense is not as bad as it looked Sunday. But you cannot deny the age from their three best on that side of the ball. Julius Peppers, and the aforementioned Briggs and Tillman are all north of 30. 

The Bears had several missed opportunities in this game. The Redskins fumbled on a kick return, and on one snap in which the ball went backwards 17 yards; The Redskins were just quicker to the ball on both possible turnovers. Then in the fourth quarter down 38-34, the Bears attempted a shocking onside kick that they recovered. Only problem is someone was offsides. 

It was the little things that hurt this team Sunday. Even Mr. reliable himself, kicker Robbie Gould, missed a chip shot from 34 yards. If he made that kick the Bears would've needed a field goal to win on the final drive. And in no way am I blaming Gould for the loss; it was just one of those Murphy/Morton law days. 

And as well as RG III looked in this game; on the feet and through the air. He threw what appeared to be an easy interception for Tillman, or a deflection for safety Chris Conte. However, Tillman miss timed his jump and slipped, and Conte lost his balance and fell down, resulting in a gift touchdown for the Redskins. 

What gets lost in this loss: Matt Forte ran for a career-high three Touchdowns. And Devin Hester tied Deion Sanders' punt return record for career Touchdowns with 19. 

Had the Bears won this game, it would've been one of those rally the troops moments; the proverbial all hands on deck got the job done.

Instead the Bears go into their bye week 4-3, and now await the fate of their starting quarterback. 

This could be remembered as the game that changed the season. 
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