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The Beijing Olympics will have cheerleaders. I approve.

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I can't even begin to tell you how great it is that China has the 2008 Olympics. Maybe it's the missiles that'll shoot down rain clouds, maybe it's the Beijing Civilized Workers Cheering Squad.

And now this. We're going to have cheerleaders at the Games. Awesome.

China has made it clear that 200 cheerleaders are needed to promote the spirit of the Olympic Games. And there's a fierce competition to be one of the the chosen few.

Here are some cheerleaders in action.

There's also a video here. I'm not exactly sure how the cheerleaders are promoting the spirit of the Olympic Games - and aren't just acting as eye candy - but I've learned it's best not to question China's motives.

By the way, if you think it's just going to be sexy women potentially doing the cheerleading, you're wrong. Partcipants are also competing from elementary schools and high schools.

That's kind of a tough image to imagine. An 8-year old girl cheering next to a barely clothed grinding woman.

Hey, don't ask me. I'm not an Olympic organizer.

Photos courtesy of Beijing Olympics Fan.
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8/26/08   |   risereward

Yeah, cheerleaders are great in beijing olympic and i hv search all pictures that i found online. feel free to download my compilation of beijing olympic cheerleader here. I hope you will like it.

7/7/08   |   taicheshi

here's another video cliptation


1/11/08   |   bigdaveSCB

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This is kind of bizzarre.  Ithought that cheeleading was pretty much an American thing.  I've been alot of places outside North America, and NEVER seen a cheeleader at any of the sporting events I've been to.  I have heard that some Russian BBall team have "dance teams" like the NBA, but cheerleaders?  I don't get it. Will they lead cheers in Chinese?  Engrish? I can almost here it - "2-4-6-8  We apprciate highly your esteemed attendance at Glorious Leaders welcome to the world!"

That said, I think I will have to do some very, uh, in depth study of the Olympic cheerleaders.  You know, just to see if it works.

1/10/08   |   sportshoncho

Won't it be a distraction for these athletes that have never seen a cheerleader pyramid created as they try to throw the javalin down the field?

1/10/08   |   sportshoncho

Isn't every Chinese person basically indentured?  They are going to be cheering for the sake of cheering and not really for the performance, or they will be put back into the sweatshop they came from.


1/10/08   |   Seth   |   301 respect

Do the cheerleaders have to follow the guidelines of medal presenters set forth by Zhao Dongming, director of the Cultural Activities Department at Beijing's Organizing Committee for the Games?


"Generally speaking, they can't be too fat. Their figure should be good. They shouldn't be too heavy."