The Best Names of the 2013 NFL Draft

What Truly Matters: The Best Names of the 2013 NFL Draft

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Great players are good, but great names are even better! (Just go with it). When analysts say that this is one of the deepest drafts in recent history, they are most likely referring to the talent but very possibly alluding to all the wonderful football names that are available in this class. Without further adieu, here are the top 32 football names you will hear called during this year's draft.
1. Barkevious Mingo (DE/OLB)
Hands down, #1, wow-ee-wee-wow, what a name. If we were going on names alone, the Kansas City Chiefs would already have worked out a contract with young Barkevious.
2. Baccari Rambo (FS)
At the free safety position, Rambo’s been given free range to go rogue. Perfect.
3. Ezekiel Ansah (OLB)
Whether you go with Ezekiel Ansah or Izzy Ansah, this is one bad ass name you won’t get tired of saying.
4. Etienne Sabino (OLB)
Sounds like a French hitman. I’d be scared.
5. Cornellius “Tank” Carradine (DE)
Again, pick your poison. Known commonly as “Tank,” opposing players won’t be too psyched to meet Cornellius
Carradine either—all 6”4, 276 lbs. of him.
6. Knile Davis (RB)
The football-version of Miles Davis. Winner.
7. Manti Te’o (ILB)
Say what you will about Manti’s fantastic love life, this is a great name for a Samoan linebacker.
8. Blidi Wreh-Wilson (CB)
Say it aloud. Now say it aloud again. Sexy, I know.

9. Darius Slay (CB)
A wonderfully villainous moniker for a man trying to thwart your go-route. 
10. Kenny Stills (WR)
Just one cool name, no two ways about it.
11. Tavon Austin (WR)
Even his name seems fast. You’re gonna want to get the ball to this name in space.
12. Larry Warford (G)
The perfect name for a guard—it’s got the “everyman’s” first name in Larry, and a last name that says he’s ready to go to battle in the trenches + America’s most trusted truck. What else could you ask for?
13. Justice Cunningham (TE)
14. Montee Ball (RB)
This name just screams baller.
15. Le’Veon Bell (RB)
An all-around solid name for a running back.
16. Kiko Alonso (LB)
A man named Kiko’s always gonna make the cut.

17. Khaseem Greene (OLB)
Loose rhymes do it for me.
18. Zach Ertz (TE)
Starts with a Z, ends with a Z, and gets the whole job done with swift, two-syllable efficiency—exactly what you want from a tight end.
19. Shamarko Thomas (SS)
20. Montori Hughes (DT)
Sounds like a prep school, hits like a large black man.
21. Justin Pugh (OG)
Were Mr. Pugh anything but an offensive lineman he would not have made this list. In the trenches, Pugh!
22. Akeem Spence (DT)
Akeem the Dream !
23. B.W. Webb (CB)
This 6-letter title is comprised of one-half B’s and one-third W’s. Webb’s also a great name for anybody in the business of defending passes.
 24. Brian Schwenke (C)

 Blog Photo - The Best Names of the 2013 NFL Draft
Total Schwenke face.
25. Xavier Nixon (OT)
Any name with 2 X’s is always something to be reckoned with
26. Da’Rick Rogers (WR)
He’s not just Rick, he’s not just The Rick, he’s Da Rick.
27. Levine Toilolo (TE)
Shockingly original, even at this stage in the game.
28. Quinton Dial (DE)
Got a great ring to it.
29. Leon McFadden (CB)
This one just screams football player.
30. Mike Gillislee (RB)
This may just be me, but that last name just sounds slippery-- a great attribute for a running back.
31. Malliciah Goodman (DE)
It’s like Malice + Alicia. Dare you to make fun of his girly name to his face.
32. Marc Anthony (CB)
Well duh.

Did I miss anybody? Probably. As I said, this is a very deep draft. There's a lot of talent to be had in the second and third rounds. Just ask honorable mentions Quanterus Smith and Manase Foketi, who just barely didn't make the cut.

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