The Best There Ever Was. Or Ever Will Be. Period.

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December 13, 2011; Charlotte, NC, USA; Charlotte Bobcats principal owner Michael Jordan during training camp at Time Warner Cable Arena. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-US PRESSWIREMichael Jordan is the best NBA player to have ever lived. Michael Jordan is the best NBA player that will ever live. No comparisons are necessary. There was and will never be anyone who will be or should be in the same breath as Michael Jordan. And yes, I feel strongly about this.

Michael Jordan turned 50 years old yesterday. I am fairly certain that one-on-one, MJ could still beat more than 3/4 of the current NBA players. Or more. TV and radio commentators are quick to try and identify the "next" Michael. First it was Kobe, now LeBron, The truth of the matter is both of these players are great basketball players. But they are no Michael. No one before or after is Michael. That is why Michael was so special. His heart, his drive, his competitive spirit. His will to win was like no one before. He made everyone around him better. He made every player want to play at the top of their game-every night. I couldn't even imagine having to deal with the wrath of Michael if you didn't play well. But they did play well. Because Michael forced his will to win around his teammates, his coaches and the fans.

Michael the man, I do not know.  But Michael the player-he did things that remain unfathomable, unimaginable and beyond rational thought. Michael the player did things on a basketball court that still make my mouth drop. The airtime, the ball control, the absolute torment as a defensive player to his opponent, the ability to score from anywhere, anytime. Michael the player was unstoppable. Michael the player was truly amazing.

I have enjoyed watching and hearing all about reliving the great years of Michael Jordan's playing days. I can watch his highlights repeatedly and still be mesmerized. But the thing that angers me is the comparisons. Because there aren't any. There is no comparison to Michael. He stands alone at the top. Run all the statistics, and look at the numbers-the reality is, Michael Jordan is The Best There Ever Was. Or Ever Will Be. Period. 
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