The Best Women’s Basketball Player of All Time?

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Blog Photo - The Best Women’s Basketball Player of All Time?
Brittney Griner of Baylor University moved to second all time in the NCAA Women’s Division 1 scoring list; passing Patricia Hoskins (3,123 points) by one point and only looking up to Jackie Stiles with 3,393 points. 
The lanky Griner stands at 6-foot-8 and dunks the basketball with ease.  In fact, she has already amassed 14 dunks throughout her college career.
However, Griner isn’t your typical goofy center that just happens to be tall.  Monday evening, Griner had 50 points, while shooting 21-29 from the field.  She even hit 8 of 10 free throws, an achilles heal for most centers. 
Names such as Lisa Leslie and Cheryl Miller have to be mentioned as two of the most dominant women college basketball players of all time.  Miller scored 100 points in a game once and would often school her younger brother, Reggie Miller, during their one-on-one games.  Lisa Leslie was also a center that could dunk the basketball with ease.

But Lisa and Cheryl may have finally met their match with the taller and more athletic Griner.  

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