The Best Worst Of Billy Packer: Iverson Is A "Tough Monkey"

3/19/08 in Media   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

We continue our week long look at the jackass that is Billy Packer. So far we've covered his "Fag Out" comment, and his ridiculous call on the Henderson elbow. Today we'll focus on racism.

In 1996 during a Georgetown-Villanova game, Packer used a unique term to describe star Georgetown guard and prison-tattoo look-a-like Allen Iverson. He said Iverson was a "tough monkey." Iverson and John Thompson didn't take offense, but surprisingly, a lot of other people did.

Packer apologized on air and said he was actually attempting to praise Iverson's relentless play. Because we all know how relentless monkeys are. Naturally, nothing else happened to Packer.

Ok, so that means we've covered homophobia and racism, tomorrow we'll focus on sexism. Billy Packer, the total package.
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3/19/08   |   Chachi_Azzhola   |   2 respect

Agreed.  Comparing Iverson to a monkey is an insult to our lower primate cousins.  Packer should have called Iverson a "convicted felon", or "that dude that beats women with chairs at a bowling alley" or a "that concealed weapon carrier" or a "marijuana possessor" or a "guy that threatens his own cousin with semi-automatic weapons" or a "rappin' homophobe" or a "guy that tries to steal money at the casino" or a "D.C. Nightclub brawler" or, perhaps worst of all "Dogfighter Michael Vick's Cousin".  All would have been fair game for Iverson without Packer unnecessarily insulting the lower branch of the primate family.