The Boston Celtics do not even practice

BREAKING: The Boston Celtics do not even practice

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Blog Photo - The Boston Celtics do not even practiceIf you're surprised that the Boston Celtics have the Miami Heat on the brink of elimination, something unique about their practice regimen might surprise you even more. They don't practice. The Boston Celtics have not practiced even one time during their entire playoff run, and they're now one win away from the NBA Finals.

Somewhere, Allen Iverson is smiling and feeling very much vindicated.

According to a report in Wednesday's New York Times, the Celtics have not held a formal basketball practice since prior to the beginning of the playoffs in April. Coach Doc Rivers has only had them watch game film, discuss game plans, and participate in shoot-arounds.

"It’s been a while,” Rajon Rondo told the Times. “Obviously, we’re in the Eastern Conference finals, so it hasn’t hurt us."

Plenty of things have hurt these Celtics. Rondo has back problems. Ray Allen has bone spurs in his ankle. Mickael Pietrus has hamstring issues. Doc Rivers himself was a 13-year NBA player, and played until he was 35. He knows how the game works when you're too old for this, but you're doing it anyway.

Blog Photo - The Boston Celtics do not even practiceRemember, this was a lockout season with back-to-back-to-back games. Having gone six games against Atlanta in the first round, seven against Philadelphia in the seasons, and now six games against Miami, the Celtics have played more games than anyone else in these playoffs.

"We’re just too old,” Rivers said, back when the Celtics were down 2-0 and no one thought they had a chance. Doc, do not let Kevin Garnett hear you say that.

“We’re tired and old and banged up," Rivers continued. "Honestly, I just look at it if I have a choice between the legs and the brains, I’m going to take the legs every single time. We need those. I don’t know what I could accomplish honestly by bringing them in."

This kind of insightful coaching is what really makes you want to root for the Celtics in the Conference Finals. Then agaion, this kind of video from Maria Menounos really makes you want to root against them.
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Seriously though... they really ARE too old for practice. These old guys need all the rest they can get.