The Boston Red Sox Curse, Renewed?

Question the Curse...Again?

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The Curse of the Bambino may be over and done with, indefinitely. But that doesn't mean the last laugh will be forever herd out of the Boston Harbor - pronounced Hah-bah- area in any sense of the ole' rivalry.

Curses! Or, curses?

Post 2007 World Series Sox victory, the New York Yankees seem to consistently win the fight against Boston and its faithful, regardless of the battle, competing against, or not. A noticeable situation for Red Sox die-hards that has to make the clam chowder go down in lumps...of shame and worry.
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Is 2007 the new 1918? 

The late-collapse of last years Red Sox team does put a big Bucky Dent in the armor of success Boston was riding, previously. The clubhouse fell apart, immediately, and the loved coach was canned, left unaware and useless in the world of sports reporting. His replacement, Bobby Valentine, a swap of ESPN'ites if you so please,  has done little, actually nothing, to help move the Red Sox forward and on a winning path. Instead, it has repeatedly been a whining path, complete with the dreaded "job assurance" by the front office brass - Even the novice sports fan knows how that works out. The team's foundation has gotten old and the champions of yesterday are now slow-handed, injury-plagued or playing elsewhere today.
July 28, 2012; Bronx, NY, USA; Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz (34) in the dugout before the game against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

Rebuild, quickly?

Rebuilding may be the only way out of the current hole and the length of time, or success of the formula, is never certain. Eighty-six years may be a long time to wait for another Championship Banner at Fenway, again, but with teams in the division growing stronger, not just the Yankees, the wait could take that long. Mishaps like the handling of Daniel Bard, losing Paplebon and a roll of the Dice...K are only small examples of holes causing the ship to take on chaotic waters. While certain pieces have managed to keep everything afloat, the outcome from the current situation looks unstable, at best. Eventually, it will sink. 

Speaking of sinker, there is Derek Lowe, too.

 Last night, Derek Lowe reminded the MLB how effective his sinker can be. Not only did he pitch four-strong innings in relief, he did it against a behemoth line-up of the Texas Rangers. While Dempster crafted BP fastballs to Swisher and Chavez, Lowe took the same 87 m.p.h. fastball that didn't work in Cleveland, Atlanta or L.A, and he made it work. He looked comfortable and strong, mixing both sides of the plate and using off-speed to keep the Rangers hitters consistently smacking the top-half of the baseball into the ground. He got his first regular-season save since 2001, when he was with Boston, and his team got a needed win against a power in the American League.

Most importantly, Derek Lowe did all this while wearing a New York Yankees uniform. It may not be as sexy and history-shaping as the Bambino, but it's worth the thought. Or, at least noting. 
Aug 13, 2012; Bronx, NY, USA;  New York Yankees relief pitcher Derek Lowe (34) pitches during the sixth inning against the Texas Rangers at Yankee Stadium.  Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

The Yankees pitching staff has currently been nothing short of injured and the nay-sayers were getting ready to cast them into the pool of  "World Series contenders, but not winners," quickly. Questions about the starting pitching and the relief pitching were growing louder, herd all the way from Angels stadium to the left and Orioles Stadium to the right. Then came Derek Lowe. The Yankees savior? What?

Yes, he did not go directly from Boston, but his current position, and success in that spot, may be just the thing to keep the Red Sox out of the playoffs this year. Lowe can provide the long mid-relief to keep the starting arms fresh, and he can be a spot-starter if the Yankees need it as a emergency-scenario. He is a flop, turned asset - Not to mention he has the playoff experience and the know-how it takes to win it all. 

Call it what you want, see it how you want, it would be another Boston Pitcher helping the Yankees win another pennant, while keeping the Red Sox at home watching the game on FOX. 

Just like the Bambino, and even Clemens, Lowe took the "no-way-no-how credo" and tossed it in the Boston waters - like the tea parties of yesteryear -  opting for a pair of mutiny boots, pinstripes and a short trip south to the hated Bronx area. The result? A renewal of baseball talent and production, while helping a cause he fought so hard to prevent in Boston. Yankees success!

What say you, Boston? Is there still a relic of wand-waiving happening in New England?
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