The Chiefs strike again during fourth quarter

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It is no secret. The Kansas City Chiefs do dominate during the fourth quarter and their 5-0 clean sheet speaks for itself. And it was especially true during their 26-17 win on Sunday over the Tennessee Titans. In the fourth quarter alone they scored 13 points.
However, it was different against the Titans. In previous four games, they defended their lead in the fourth quarter. This time, they had to overcome a lead. And it was looking grim. The offense wasn’t stepping up to the task and quarterback Alex Smith had thrown an awful interception that resulted in a Titans touchdown.
Even after a four game winning streak, the match looked like it was in the hand of the Titans. But the team got their act together in the fourth quarter, as they always had. Then they fought to get back on their feet.
The defense intercepted a couple of passes expertly that stopped the Titans from making any addition to the lead. Smith led a touchdown drive that helped his team stabilize.
When Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was asked if he had believed that he could win, he said he knew they would.
“The eyes I’m looking into are positive eyes. Alex, he wants the ball back. He knows it’s just a matter of time before it kicks in. The offensive line was that way. Dwayne Bowe was constant energy throughout the game.”
The Kansas City Chiefs are now one of the three remaining teams that remain undefeated. But they are not on solid grounds. The offense isn’t outstanding as it should be and despite the coach’s words about how well they play, their performance can improve by a great margin.
Alex Smith has shown that he can step up to the challenge and lead his team to victory. This is the first chance he got since signing up with Chiefs in which the entire match fell on what his decisions would be and he has certainly impressed his team. He has experience in these situations before with the San Francisco 49ers where he turned the tables in his teams favor.

“The players are all looking at him. They’re looking at him every snap,” the coach said. “That’s their leader out there, and so if you’re wavering at all or you don’t have the right look in your eye, these guys can sense that. They can tell. So how you present yourself is huge. 
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