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The "Chosen One" Leaving High School... 2 Years Early?

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         Bryce Harper is a 16 year old that made the cover of Sports Illustrated 2 weeks ago. He is a sophmore in a Las Vegas High School that has been recorded throwing a 96 M.P.H. fastball, hitting 500+ feet home runs. He is definetly going to be the center of attention to scouts for many professional teams. But, when will he be able to be in the draft only as a sophmore? Not for another 4 years. But, What if you drop out of High School to be eligible to play in college? His father has came out and announced that his son will be forgoing his final two years of High School. Bryce will be going for his GED so he would be able to go to a community college to play ball.
         The Harpers' decision will make Bryce eligible for the 2010 MLB draft. Where he conceivably would end up with the Washington Nationals and Stephen Strasburg and possibly save the nationals from themselves.

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

"There are going to be critics. I can't worry about what people think," Ron Harper said. "People are going to see what they want to see and say what they want to say. I think this prepares him for life, playing the game of baseball.

"People question your parenting and what you're doing. Honestly, we don't think it's that big a deal. He's not leaving school to go work in a fast-food restaurant. Bryce is a good kid. He's smart, and he's going to get his education."

What do you think about this 16 year old high schoolers decision?

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I was at the High School All Star Game > alot of real talent.
g agent and parent ?s make the difference what they learn in and out of school>  lookat pro football in the

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waterexcess wrote:
whos the "chosen one"?


8/16/09   |   mawad_2005

waterexcess wrote:
whos the "chosen one"?


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whos the "chosen one"?

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He's going to miss it when he looks back in a few years.