The Clippers Should Not Trade Eric Bledsoe

6/26/13 in NBA   |   AJ_88   |   166 respect

Today marks a great day in the Clippers organization. Doc Rivers is currently taking questions at the Clippers practice facility about the team's future. He has already referenced how dominant a defensive front line LA has in DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin. It has been widely known that Rivers is high on Eric Bledsoe as well. And how could he not be? Bled has a unique talent that most players in the league strive for. 

Trading him away before Doc has a chance to coach him would be a mistake for a few reasons:

Blog Photo - The Clippers Should Not Trade Eric Bledsoe1) Doc played Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley at his guard positions in Boston, two smaller yet quicker defensive guards, allowing them to swarm their opponents and keep them off guard. Pesky defense at the guard level is crucial to breaking down an opponent before they reach the back line. Bledsoe and Chris Paul would be such a dominant defensive pairing in the back-court, that Blake and DeAndre would be inheriting a tired opponent trying to put the ball in the bucket. 

2) Bledsoe has quickly become a fan favorite because of his knack for the extraordinary. You can even call out some of his remarkable plays, for instance, his block at the rim of Dwyane Wade in their early season matchup last year. His defense, leaping ability and improved offensive acumen over the course of the last three seasons has him as one of the hottest commodities in the NBA. 

3) There's a common misconception that the Clippers cannot afford to keep Bledsoe beyond this season - and that's downright wrong. They will have the means to pay him around $5 million per season after his contract ends this season because they will need to first take care of re-signing Chris Paul.  But there is this notion that because Bledsoe might be able to secure a max contract with a poor team, he may jump at the opportunity in lieu of accepting a starting role playing alongside Paul with a coach like Doc Rivers.

Think about that for a second. He can play alongside Paul for the next five years as well as inherit his starting position in Clipperland at the prime of his career. Who would pass up that opportunity? 
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