The Cowboys-Eagles game will be much different with Romo out

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsChances are high that the Dallas Cowboys will be sidelining their starting quarterback Tony Romo after he sustained a back injury. This means that things will not be the same as they were when the Cowboys first matched up against the Eagles and beat them in what went down as the worst home loss in the Eagles history.
Romo sustained a back injury against the Washington Redskins in a play that won the game for the Cowboys. Chances are, Kyle Orton will be the Cowboys' QB against the Eagles this weekend. Even if Romo is called back into action on the field, he will be unable to give a solid performance as he'll still be feeling the effects of the injury.
Eagles quarterbacks Nick Foles and Matt Barkley had humiliating performances in the last matchup against the Cowboys and Foles is looking forward to showing how much he has improved over the time. He gave a season low performance in that game and the team lost a franchise worst home game. Eagles coach Chip Kelly said that the team this time was far more experienced and would be more solid.
“We’re just more experienced.  We’ve been together longer. I think we have a better understanding as a coaching staff of our players and what they can do and putting those guys in a position to make plays,” Kelly said.
Kelly said that the past was an important factor in shaping who would play how and they had certainly learned from the mistakes they had made against the Cowboys, solved them and were looking ahead to face them again.
“I think everybody is a byproduct of their experiences and I think that the reps that all those guys have gotten – I think it was Nick’s second or third game playing,” Kelly said about the quarterback, “he’s gotten a lot more reps in there too – people getting comfortable, understanding the situation and knowing when guys are going right, guys are going left.
Kelly said that the time during the season definitely made playing better and they would certainly give a good game in the last match.
“I just think the experience factor is a lot different than when we played them earlier in the season.”
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